Do you think Nagaland government is giving ample support to local entrepreneurs and start-ups? Give reasons

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:  
•    Only to selected and connected few.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 
•    Government do not provide the exact required schemes and few schemes currently available are also corrupted which rather discourage instead of encouraging the entrepreneurs. At the present scenario, the outdated system of Loans, subsidies are not useful and productive. But I would suggest for exemptions of Tax, statutory compliances or Production link incentive etc can be more beneficial to all. Even though some are enforced under Central govt., but in addition to that, State government must also do such plans.

•    The poor unemployed youths who wants to start but not having enough money and others means are not getting. Only ministers, bureaucrat and relatives and its parties are the one who gets the money without actually carrying out the works.

•    People at the grassroot level in rural areas have very little or no knowledge about government's support. I assume people who have good connection with the top administrative chain gets most of the benefits.

•    No because there isn't kind of support.  If someone starts any kind of business themselves, the govt cannot even stop the taxation. 

 Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 
•    If the Government is giving ample support why would almost every educated unemployed of Nagaland run after Government job only even though many have different interest?

    Of course there are some schemes and programmes to support entrepreneurship but what I feel is many are not aware or it not only that we all know nepotism exist everywhere so I don't think the support that they are giving is reaching the deserving ones, so it's high time the Government Take up this matter more seriously and come up with something more innovative to encourage the youth of Nagaland to be self dependant through entrepreneurship, in this way our economy could be boosted too.

•    What to say? Our Nagaland Government also has some complications of favoritism, and with this influence some start ups don’t get the advantage and lead are grabbed away. Hope everybody gets the equivalent advantage under a good leadership.