Do you think oil and natural gas exploration should resume in Nagaland? Give reasons

Some of those who voted YES said: 

•    Exploration and production of oil and gas in Nagaland will create job as well as development, analogous with neighbouring state like Assam and Tripura.

•    I am absolutely in favour of resumption of oil and natural gas exploration in Nagaland because the Assam Government has been drilling oil even in the DAB (Disturbed Area Belt (DAB) resulting in revenue loss for Nagaland Government.

•    Yes, so that it will help the poor people to get their daily bread.

•    Yes, it is high time; youngsters require it.

•    Poor state, so yes.

•    Youth can get job.

Some of those who voted NO said: 

•    No. Only the rich will support resumption of oil exploration because only they will benefit from it.

•    No. Here in Nagaland we have land ownership. Almost all lands belong to some individual or some clan or some Village. It will not bring benefit to all except for those mentioned above. Creating jobs? No, none will work there. Company employees or labourers from other place will work there. Tax and corruption will be involved from top to bottom; land surrounding the site will be polluted. No one will have a voice on environment degradation, why? Because of landowner's mentality- ‘amakhan laga maati, amakhan laga paani, anakhan kushi’ attitude. Of course, some will get filthy rich but will not benefit the whole public.

•    No. Oil will only lead to more greed and division. It will not bring any good at all.

•    No. It is not the time to be talking about oil exploration. 

•    No. Unless and until the full weight and measure of Article 371A is understood by politicians and public, we will see how the loose interpretation of this article will continue. This adhoc interpretation will only weaken the control over Naga control and ownership of land and natural resources.

•    No. Some organisations like BAN have been very vocal in advocating for oil exploration. Rather than protecting the interests of Naga entrepreneurs and for the proper use of land and resources, it is disappointing to see how they are in promoting policies that will exploit the Nagas.

•    No. There is a good reason why the people opposed oil and natural gas exploration in the past. The same reasons are very much valid even today. There are people who think that the public will benefit from oil and natural gas exploration, but this is not true. It’s a fallacy. The public will not benefit at all. Only the corporate and a handful of Naga politicians, bureaucrats and business people will benefit.

•    No. The environmental consequences will be too much to bear.

•    When India is looking towards green hydrogen, biofuel blending and exploration and production of biofuel from alternative sources, oil and natural gas exploration that hasn't started yet should be left as it is. We may, with technological advances in the future, provided we place resources for R&D, see the optimum utilization of minimal resources for optimal growth. All is well and good when available resources are utilized with outmost responsibility and care for optimal growth. Natural resource exploration today calls for a environment friendly approach, which at present is not a natural forte of our present Naga population. Cost to the environment far outweighs cost of living as it is the existence of a natural environment utilized sustainably that provides for a sustainable sustenance. Let what failed from the past remain a failure with a positive outlook, “At least we do not have reports of human exploitation and an overwhelming natural destruction in the places where state sanctioned mineral exploration took place.” We can also learn from state machinery's inability and human greed from the four-lane highway project that neglected the ever so relevant 'Cost To the Environment' aspect which we are now seeing play out. We can be proud of being a society where we are literally living as per the poem 'Where the mind is without fear.’

•    It will benefit only India.

•    No, I don't agree with the statement. I think we should not consider the movement as a social responsibility of "the church" but every citizen as a responsible adult should take it to understanding that it is our very own responsibility to mould our own land for betterment.

•    Firstly, it's bad for the environment to use as well as to explore or damage the biodiversity which is not in any way helpful to Mankind. Keeping the benefits of those fuel energy compared to the lives of flora n fauna in the state, it has more negative impact than positive impact on the urban life or development. It's better to save lives than to copy others to have a more simplified life. Moreover it will resume more forest cover of the state which has been in reduction for some recent decades. Forest is an important/vital source of anything as Nagas starting from Daily Veggies to Medicinal herb. I believe a state value or treasure Is the forest or the greenery it has, by which we can attract more tourism and many more sectors. Shifting to a more youth focus innovation and entrepreneurship investment scheme should come up to replace as well to help the state economy to rise rather than to destroy our motherland 'NAGALAND' “KUKNALIM” Victory To Nagaland. PS: Sorry just writing what comes in mind without any construction.

•    Absolutely not. We already have enough corruption to deal with, if this comes in, there will be blood on the dance floor.

•    Not at all. Nagas must conserve our natural resources rather than bow down to greed and power.

Some of those who voted OTHERS said: 

•    This is a clash of ideology. Those in support of oil and natural gas exploration are mostly politicians and business community and their supporters. Their ideology is based on capitalist. Those opposed to the exploration are people who care for the rich biodiversity and environment and the right of the people.

•    Sugar industry failed. Paper industry failed. Now you want oil. Nagaland is a land of corruption.