Do you think that Naga society is being further corrupted and devalued by the existing VIP culture? Give Reasons

Some of those who voted YES said: 
•    We Nagas are too ignorant, selfish, greedy

•    Literacy is knowledge about our environment, but for job we need skill sets. Skill set should be part of our education system then only it will convert into jobs which will be more sustainable

•    Because of corruption in the so called elected leaders. There is nepotism which has curtailed the growth of the society. Lack of transparency in the government. There was no have and have not in Naga society but today it clearly seen but no one dare to speak the Truth. Where are we heading to?

•    Absolutely yes, we need to do away with it… the money they give away as donations, attending functions as chief guests, will ultimately be recovered from funds meant for development.

•    Yes, now I am not personally an expert in this but I believe that the "VIP culture" that's been mentioned here is further glorifying "CLASSISM". For the next topic how about we unpack the hushed exploitation by the churches in Nagaland?

Some of those who voted NO said: 

Some of those who voted OTHERS said: 
•    When we gave way for political administration with a settled law, we adopted ways and means of trying to achieve a society of a civilised standard. The civilisation was to be achieved by a welfaristic state and as such, we paved the way for a democracy based on a Constitution. As we are the ones that gave way for a government based on popular adult franchise, we are very much to blame or be proud of for whatever standard of civilisation we have achieved so far. The Naga society chose to view societal development based on individual development except for a few anomalies, who chose otherwise, just to be mentioned during conferences and jubilees but to be forgotten in practice. Existing VIP culture is nothing but what we have chosen and paved for its continuation and as such, we the so called society are the torch bearers of such a culture. I for one have learned that whenever I visit a public office for my need, I demand (not request but not authoritative either) that my need from a public office be dealt with because they exist for such purpose - public service. They exist for us and not the other way around. Within their organisational setup, they have a hierarchy which they must adhere to but towards the public, they cannot impose such hierarchical nomenclature. The VIP culture is an outcome thanks to us and it will only continue to exist as long as we look at public servants occupying public organisations as a job security avenue for advancing private aspirations. We are unfortunately an outcome based society where results are an opportunity to flex our claims on an individual's efforts at being meritorious but never encouraging them or learning from them on a daily basis in achieving societal aspirations.

•    There is filtration in every department's developmental work and so quality workmanship couldn't be implemented.

•    Even in churches and other functions the rich are given special attention by the leaders.

•    Replacing the word, 'chief guest' with 'special guest' or 'special invitee, ' as if like that will remove the practice of VIP culture.