Do you think that recent events such as the North East Festival, Bangkok will promote tourism in Nagaland?


•    Yes very much. I'm happy that our Government/s took this initiative but real development in the tourism industry will come only when it is inclusive and well represented by all Naga tribes. Tbh I saw only Kohima and Dimapur "celebrities" (not underestimating their talents) attending the event backed by our tafma. Also tourist influx will be achieved when it is marketed well. Just hosting some events just isn't feasible. Like how the state of Kerala branded itself as 'God's own country' by investing heavily in branding and advertisement. High quality photos and videos for advertisement, good marketing campaign and non discriminatory government mechanisms handling tourism will give our state the boost it needs. This initiative by the government of Kerala rocketed it is ROI in tourism by I think 2000%. From what I see, the government is taking steps towards it and I'm happy this is happening but more and more efforts needed.

•    Since the question wants opinion, I'll say mine. Yes it will promote. I won't say to what extent it will hype. Oh... just that people are tired seeing the same old faces entertaining and getting promoted every time. High time to let loose of the old ones and catch new underrated ones.

•    Yes. The North East Festival will usher in connecting the rest of the Northeastern States and effectively implement India's Act East policy with the rest of Asian countries...

•    Yes in a way


•    No. Bangkok itself is a tourist destination. To promote tourism in Nagaland, government should tap potential tourist market.

•    No, we need to first improve the infrastructure here before tourism grows. Our mindset must be changed and our civic sense too needs to be more refined. 

•    No, this festival is only for the elite people.

•    No... Until and unless, there is good infrastructure, efficient law and order, and strategic investment, our tourism sector will still stagnate. Let our Government make efficient policy and favourable business environment to let our start ups grow. Let our new dynamic, smart and visionary entrepreneur handle that sector. Give them opportunity with reasonable loans and good law and order.

•    No. Tourism in Nagaland is very poorly organised and there is no planning. Everything is focused on events like Hornbill. Tourism cannot survive if it is only based on events, there must be more policy planning. Instead of taking only musicians and social media influencers, the Government should have taken policy makers, journalists, intellectuals, writers and cultural ambassadors. Including this broad set of people will help in promoting tourism.

•    No. Government must invest first in basic infrastructure.

•    No way. Just looking at the videos on youtube put up by the Naga influencers who went to Thailand for the Northeast fest makes me feel very cheap. It gives a very bad image of the Nagas and what kind of tourists are we going to attract. This is not the direction the government should be taking.

•    No. This kind of promotional events is not the way. It is like one big party for those who went to Bangkok. The money that was spent on taking 100 people to Bangkok could have been used for some other program. To promote tourism we need to develop our infrastructure because without infrastructure there will be no tourism.

•    No. For many years the state government have been trying all kinds of ways to promote tourism in Nagaland but they are failing because they have no proper plan or strategy. It is all kushi kushi. This will not work.

•    No! Sorry for discouraging however it will never happen. There are no tourist spots in Nagaland for the tourist to visit.

•    It is just a waste of time, energy and money.


•    Tourism in our state of Nagaland is a shame; it is only for the rich and famous celebrities. It is like one big party, but for the 95% of the population it has no affect on their lives.

•    The Naga participants to the Northeast festival should have been better briefed. Only selecting models, singers, influencers for the festival do not represent our state. This kind of promotional tour has no positive impact. It was a wasted opportunity.

•    People have mixed reactions, personally I'm neutral on this. Maybe OUR Local celebrities got a much needed exposure. We can't just be celebrities in our own land, so it's a good way to explore the outside. 

•    It would be great in the future if relevant research scholars, journalists, upcoming students and entrepreneurs looking for innovative ideas, needing experience in the field of tourism etc etc. other than JUST the trained team for entertainment. Coming to your question "does it promote tourism in Nagaland"? Honestly did it boost the avenue of tourism for tour guides, local tour operator and upcoming entrepreneurs or relevant people in tourism other than just Biased/Govt tourism employees. I positively think that the Government should start working with individual and freelance Adventurers, explorers, (eco)Tourism enthusiasts who are experienced and keen to explore the ever-growing Tourism. At a point of time where Sustainable tourism is crucially been talked about again and again! Those individual entrepreneurs and Freelance Tour guides and operators need guidance and innovation more than anything else.

•    Maybe but focus should be on developing our deplorable road and connectivity and building better infrastructure which are paramount for any tourist to actually enjoy the “Rich and Diverse” culture and land that we are already blessed with. Ultimately drawing more and more tourist and bring more income to the tourism industry and the state too. A win, win situation for all.

•    Tourism isn’t just a picnic spot or a scenic area. It has a wide spectrum cultural tourism, religious tourism, business, wildlife, sustainable tourism, geo-tourism etc etc. People will come definitely and the influx is positive so, it’s important to know what literally the meaning is before one blindly speaks out.

•    Without road how can tourist come to Nagaland?

•    For the rich. 

•    Tourism in Nagaland is overrated. The fact is tourism in our state is mismanaged by politicians and bureaucrats who know nothing about tourism other than enjoy the party.

•    Cannot manage the basic infrastructure in our own region and trying to build tourism in Bangkok? Good exposure, no revenue, no income but a cute smiley for the attempt.