Do you think the constitution of a Staff Selection Board will streamline recruitment process in Nagaland? How?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Why Nagaland Demands Staff Selection Board (SSB)? In the words of LR Knost: “Until our world decides that every human matters, that everyone has a right to food and safety and freedom and healthcare and equality, it is the obligation of those privileged to have food and safety and freedom and healthcare and equality to fight tirelessly for those who do not.”

•    Staff Selection Board once implemented will act as a watchdog against discrepancies and nepotism which is the rule of the day. SSB would mean transparency and Merit Based recruitment, therefore an urgent necessity.

•    Cent per cent it will. Irrational behavior of the current recruiting system is disaster, it needs to be modified. Hence, installation of SSB is our hope, and it will be a blockage to all sources of malpractices.

•    Implementation of SSB would bring the system in a fair, efficient, reliable and transparent.

•    SSB is the only solution for shutting down backdoor appointments. Deserving candidates should be given the opportunity to control the administration.  That is how, there can be less corruption and Nepotism as well as favouritism can also be abolished likewise.

•    Yes, this is the only reliable solution to cure favourtism and nepotism in Public Employment sector in Nagaland. This is a must and Urgent Needs for the free and fair progress in recruitment in public employment. An SSB must step up as early as possible.

•    Departmental exams are filled with manipulation and an SSB is the need of the hour. Hardworking and meritorious people need to be given their due.

•    Of course it will. This will not only ensure a fair examination but also provide an efficient administration.

•    SSB will replace the existing system of backdoor appointment, thereby providing equal opportunity to every educated youth of Nagaland. It will promote meritocracy and instill a sense of competition among the youth.

•    Yes provided it is comprised on individuals that are people of integrity.

•    Something like this is necessary to oversee the streamlining and organizing of the recruiting process.

•    Yes... only on condition that all the members of SSB are from China or Japan where there is strict penalty for administrative corruption.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    I don’t know if it will streamline the recruitment process in Nagaland but there is a desperate requirement for an independent body that will restore public trust and faith on the recruitment process.

•    Nothing will work in Nagaland... Even CBI fails in Nagaland. 

•    NDPP under the dynamic leadership of Neiphiu Rio has promised to fulfill the aspirations of the young educated youths.  We believe that he'll deliver the said promise.