Do you think the demand of the Congress for imposition of Presidents Rule in Nagaland is justified?

Those who said YES had this to say:

•    Because the ruling govt is corrupted due to misuse of public wealth & no clear policy towards control of criminalisation of Naga society by various faction, who are fighting for their own survival. 
•    No law and order
•    Yes, because law and order has completely broken down
•    It is the duty of the opposition to make more effective and efficient those who are in power
•    President Rule in Nagaland is justified, because the Home Minister and NPF President have failed miserably.
•    Yes, and let the innocent civilian live a peaceful life at least for few days
•    Absolutely right coz the Chief Minister is a puppet 
•    Because the DAN government has allowed people to be killed, homes destroyed.
•    For free and fair in the coming general election.

Those who said NO had this to say:

•    Not at all justified, no point even discussing it.
•    The Congress should demand for the rule of law not president rule. Factional killings is a law and order problem not a political problem. 
•    It is politically motivated for their benefit not to the Nagas as a whole.
•    Because  no government is perfect. It’s easy to bark, but to handle the reality is different. No political party in Nagaland can do any better than what we’ve now. 
•     They do not have a moral right to ask 
•    To take political advantage
•    Congress is just bitter. 
•     Nagas and Nagaland are under forced occupation so such a demand of the Congress is like adding fuel to the whole political problem!
•     This is the best that we can have
•     To be more specified, the Congress during its rule too was under much scrutiny for its alleged malpractices and corruptions as well as law and order problem like highway robbery on night buses which was quite high. They too faced the same crisis like the DAN govt. is facing now. Also, in terms of development it was quite slow and when the DAN govt. came to power we see a lot of developments at a higher pace regardless of corruptions and mismanagement. Infact it would be unbeatable by the Congress if the DAN govt utilizes its power in a correct manner in serving the people. So justification does not come by the Congress to impose Presidents rule for if they were in the same situation they would try to save their skin rather than looking into the problem.
•     1. Congress demand is illogical and absurd. 2. Before they demand for President Rule they should know who create the law and order. 3. Please stop playing dirty politics before people; no party can fool people anymore.
•     The demand of Congress for imposition of Presidents Rule in Nagaland is a real desperate attempt kicking the ball aimlessly. They try to victimize the Nagas to quench their thirst.
•     Many years of Congress rule could not achieve what the present government has in one tenure. Therefore shame on Congress for making unjustified demand. Hail DAN govt, people are behind you.
•     President’s rule in Nagaland is not justified
•     No to Presidents Rule
•     There should not be any Presidents Rule, but interim government should be established
•     NO, since there is ceasefire and peace process, there should not be any Presidents Rule

Those who said MAYBE had this to say: 

•     Congress is gone with the wind. Why President Rule in our land? Rather Congress should come together with ruling government to tackle the prevailing situation among the factions. They need to raise their voice loud and clear. Opposite party clearly shows that they need a leader this time. At this point of time, we need a courageous leader with sound mind to heat the factions clearly. Right is right/wrong is wrong. Factions can’t keep twisting the history and play around with words.
•     Most Naga politicians are self-seeking, hypocritical, godless creeps.