Do you think the Nagaland Staff Selection Board should reduce the marks allotted for viva voce? Give Reasons

•    10 marks for viva seems legit because the candidates have already proved their abilities in prelims and mains. The interview should be only to guage their level of commitment and their aesthetic values towards their job vis a vis the society.

•    Yes. Not just reduced, there should be no interview at NSSB just like SSC. Until such times, the credibility and fairness of the board will always be at suspect since tribalism and corruption are too much.

•    Yes. Success and failure are decided by 1 mark or half marks. So it's the Interview Board who decides who will get the job. 12% in interview comes to about 50 marks. That's too high. It better be abolished like in SSC.

•    To select best of best candidates

•    To avoid manipulation, and to ensure justice to written merits.

•    The dire need for merit based employees in the present day government system is the need of the hour hence, reducing the allotted marks for viva voce could open up more transparency and promote meritocracy.

•    Yes. Because I believe that is where manipulation takes place.

•    Viva voice must be exempted... as we all know, it will only create space for manipulation.

•    No interview for Class lll and lV jobs

•    In short it is a gateway to Manipulation.

•    Only written and no viva voice

•    Remove interview systems

•    Trust issue. There is 80% chances for manipulation over money power. Naga people love money

•    Definite YES BIG FAT YES Make a note that - Many will say 'YES' those who have been through the so called VIVA VOCE

•    Yes absolutely. So many stages in one exam result in absolute manipulation. Even the skill practical test mark should be reduce or exempted. Some fail in exam only for 1/2 marks.

•    Yes, viva-voce marks should be drastically reduced because meritocracy should prevail. We have witnessed a lot of manipulation and nepotism till today in NPSC selection process and it's corrupt practices still continues unabated till today. Reduce the allotment of marks in viva-voce to thirty or else scrap it in Toto.

•    Yes. Because tribalism, nepotism and backdoor appointment are established facts in our state. There must be systems put in place that makes corruption more and more difficult.

•    It will be at the panellist discretion to give marks and can be bias based on tribes, etc.

•    For accountability.

•    Because, the academic marks is not everything. Whats a human with good academic marks but no communication skills?

•    I don't understand the concept of viva at all how can someone determine someone's skills and potential just by asking some random questions, instead of that better take practical exams or tasks.

•    Viva is equally important and someday i won't be surprised if UPSC conducts personal interview twice but having said that the ratio should be maintained or else there is huge chances of manipulation.

•    I totally agree with you on the UPSC part, what a perfect example you have mentioned ,, my opinion was based here in Nagaland because there has been times when that has happened.

•    Have been a victim of manipulation in interviews and would definitely love to see the interview marks reduced as per the demands put forth.

•    They are not according to the said elements. They too knows what is money.

•    NSSB is another corruption committee and the most auspicious team. Better not to take interview by them.

•    Under NSSB there should be no interview at all. We all are under central. So we should follow the norms that are laid down by SSC. It should be according to merit basis. Excluding viva

•    May be in the future, but not in the present state of affairs. Need to grow up a lot before installing this system

•    A candidate is left completely at the mercy of the interviewer inspite of all the knowledge and skills a candidate may have. Make perlims and mains as tough and complicated as possible but no viva.