Do you think younger politicians will make better leaders in Nagaland? Give Reasons

•    They are not corrupted, they love the people, they have a dream to change their land and get respect from the people, for they know whoever do good for the people are respected and blessed. Today, most leaders are false promises leader.

•    Yes. A young leader is the future

•    Of course, educated youths can make better leaders. Nowadays in most of the government offices we get to see young people, they work diligently and most of your official works are done immediately and no bribing. I hope n have faith that the same dedication can be seen in political field if few youngsters could compete and run the government. 50% more development than the present oldies and work efficiency 70%more, just a little hindrance will be in diplomatic relationship with the centre.

•    100% no doubt

•    If only they choose not to be corrupted like the old men!

•    Younger politicians are efficient and reliable. We are all fed up of veteran politicians as they are only money minded like multi billionaire CM Rio

•    New ideas new mindset new approach

•    More than age, people with integrity are required

•    Yes. Under one condition. he or she shouldn’t be a product of Nepotism

•    Yes. Definitely because they already tasted the consequences of Corruption

•    As a society change with times, the younger generation politicians have witnessed the importance of the need of political fidelity imbibed with moral ethics to succeed the crux of visionary political leader who firmly stands against any form of corruption. We all know that the major setback to the Nagas is because of those corrupted leaders from various fields. Having said this and in order to change this status quo, the younger politicians should definitely be given a chance to lead the people.

•    100% Yes, it's high time for us to see Young politicians taking the stage as it will definitely bring a change. According to me, if we want to see our state developed so first we will have to remove corrupted politicians and encourage our youth to join politics. I think that youth have innovative ideas to develop our state.

•    YES. Youth in politics is a good thing as they are well educated and they will know the needs of the people. They have the ability that to do anything for people without being corrupted. They work for the people and they mobilize the people through their educated mind

•    All Politicians are same when they comes to power

•    Whoever comes to power, Nagaland will remain same

•    Lust Christian can never become good leader or better politician whether he is young or old.... Everything comes in the way of true Christian values

•    No. What we need is an informed and politically conscious electorate if we want our politicians to become better leaders.

•    No. Our politicians both old and young are only interested in self preservation and nothing else.

•    No. The present MLAs have quite a few young politicians. Unfortunately, none of the young ones have really stood out as a leader.

•    I can still see lots of ism on social media comments due to narrow mindsets and unfair generalization. We don't know how to handle criticism and fight back if we are criticized.

•    Values define a good leader not age

•    Don't know whether they will make better leaders but fresh blood needed for sure in Nagaland politics.

•    It's depends on how the leader feel about Nagaland not an age. The good leader is the one with vision and responsibilities but mostly run after Power. People are of many types their environment and psycho some leaders are young and good but inorder to be keep it flow he/she also ruined by that spoil tomato in that circle. We need a leader not young or old but the one who has an ability to see the reality because most people often avoid being real.

•    When will be state NSSB exam notification, this stubborn state government always delay until and unless people come down to streets for protest.

•    There is no guarantee that a young man will possess a better leadership by default. Even a young man can be more corrupted than an older person... Whether young or old we need the best person to lead us

•    To work effectively we need to have proper law and order and should be implemented strictly.

•    Yes but not everyone can

•    Those who are really capable of leading and making a change will never stand in elections. This is the tragedy of our state. It is only the wannabes and those who have compromised their moral principles who stand for elections. The quality of leaders in Nagaland is below standard.

•    It's the insight and vision they carry not the age. But work efficiency will be better under a dynamic youngster no doubt. We should go hand in hand with changes and not with the same old 75 years old experience tucked under the arm. 

•    Yes if he or she is not corrupted

•    It depends on the will of the person holding the office. He can be corrupt if he desires it or can be a good one if he is willing but like the saying, "human greed are unlimited".

•    Doesn't depend on the age of the person. It depends on personal beliefs and principles of the individual.