Does Nagaland State have the infrastructure to support sustainable and responsible tourism? Give reasons

Some of those who voted YES said: 
•    Yes. There is some improvement in Kisama.

Some of those who voted NO said: 
•    No, the tourism policy in Nagaland is hollow. There is lot of potential to develop tourism but there is no proper thinking and no commitment. The policymakers are only interested in their personal gain. After so many years of Hornbill festival the basic infrastructure is still rudementary.

•    Literally no

•    No, not yet.

•    unfortunately not

•    No. The government needs to depute the right officers for tourism. Just random posting of officers to tourism department is not good policy.

•    No. Just look at the Hornbill Festival. The Hornbill Festival is supposed to be the festivals of festivals and just its conditions are pathetic. There is no infrastructure to support the Hornbill Festival. So just imagine. 

•    At nascent stage though the govt is more than 50 years old! Tourism n hospitality sector especially the hotels (association) must conglomerate ,where every district lodges, circuit houses should be profess and let run by trained management background hoteliers/students. Importance to Identify proper places of tourist interest with authentic, locally available resources and home stays is a notable feature to be given due recognition by the govt. Propagation of Rural tourism as well as Adventure tourism is the catchword for a state like Nagaland! But on overall stances, creating community awareness (village/rural level) on responsible tourism & hospitality definitely is need of the hour! All the best???

•    Absolutely NO. Do you see any?

Some of those who voted OTHERS said: 
•    Sustainable tourism is a concept that covers the complete tourism experience, including concern for economic, social and environmental issues as well as attention to improving tourists' experiences and addressing the needs of host communities. Sustainable tourism emerged as an outcome of preventing the uncontrolled and excessive use of mountain tourism resources and attractions in Sumadija and Western Serbia. Sustainable tourism should embrace concerns for environmental protection, social equity, and the quality of life, cultural diversity, and a dynamic, viable economy delivering jobs and prosperity for all. (source - wikipedia)

•    There are avenues, yes, but there is no infrastructure.

•    wat a question!!!

•    Change is coming

•    Since there’s no road, how do u expect tourism to grow... The question don’t even exist.