Does the Naga Reconciliation hold the key to the unity and peace among the Nagas? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Yes. To some extent but for holistic, need to go deeper study, analyze and concrete action plan for all factions and public.

•    Yes. Lets be honest to ourselves. Is there any hope unless Nagas reconcile with each other?

•    Yes. It is the cry of the people. Why don’t  NPGs understand that united we stand, divided we fall. We Nagas are falling because of our division. The mother of insurgencies is reduced to infighting.

•    Yes. Without reconciliation, how can there be unity and peace among the Nagas? We need reconciliation.

•    Yes, just because the factional fighting has stopped, it does not mean that we have united. We need sincere and honest reconciliation, not just lip service but real reconciliation in practical. I bet you if our Naga groups were reconciled the Framework Agreement would be ten-folds higher that what has been achieved now. What a pity, we Nagas are drowning because of poor shortsighted leadership in all aspects.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    No. The organisation is not free from politics.

•    No. Because the division is not ideological or political. The reason for the division is selfish greed and our leaders are only building up for themselves but nothing for the people. The real key to unity and peace is supporting those leaders who stand for Naga historical and political rights.

•    No. Nagas had most to gain when they were negotiating. If Nagas were united during the negotiations, then, it would have been best. Right now, Nagas are fighting over the spoils of war. Each group whether NPGs or Tribal bodies, all are fighting over the spoils of war and so reconciliation is almost impossible.

•    No. Reconciliation as an act does, but not Forum for Naga Reconciliation, because that platform is nothing without various parties accepting the idea of reconciliation.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    Naga Reconciliation is one of the important factors. But it needs to be supported by good governance, development, accountability, democracy and other values to uplift human life.

•    No one wants to take responsibility for the larger good of the Nagas. The NSCN-IM seems content with the Framework Agreement, the NNPGs are satisfied that they are included into the process. The NNC and NSCN K are both claiming sovereignty without any clear agenda or step in achieving it. The Naga movement for the first time is split on the ground of goals. This is not a good sign. Reconciliation is a must but it is very difficult because each one is for their own pragmatic position rather than the Naga position.

•    Nagas need a leader who the people respect and are willing to follow. Without an acceptable leader the chaos will continue.

•    Unity and peace was confined to individual villages or clans before coming into contact with an imposed modern life. Today Unity and peace is being advocated by the generations that may or may not live to see even a moment of a unified community without taking into considerations the wisdom and also the aspirations of the present growing generation. Reconciliation for what? We were never one to begin with. But the imposed soci-economic and political lifestyle over the years brought to light the age old segregations and further paved way for segregations within the centuries old segregated communities. Reconciliation will be a byproduct when we voice out and inclusively work together for an enabling future and not seek the glories of the old which most are unaware of.