Does the public have confidence on Nagaland government to provide public safety?

Those who said YES had this to say:

•    Yes, what other choice do they have? They have to listen to the voice of the people, otherwise they are out in the next elections. 

•    Yes they can as compared to the previous government

Those who said NO had this to say:

•    The DAN government is a “peoples’ government” only for the fact that it was a slightly better option over the Congress. For most educated, young Naga individuals today, the DAN government is a Jamir-era Congress under the guise of pseudo-welfare commitments. Remember NPSC and JEE? Remember IRB atrocities?

•    Remember Minister Imchen of the (in)famous JEE “family quota” issue? Neiphiu Rio is a great wizard at conjuring up “developmental projects” to silence criticisms against DAN’s weaknesses in addressing the people’s need for safety. DAN don’t condemn the rampant extortion “donations” and “contributions of the people”, killings by underground groups, etc because Rio wants to maintain his power position by riding his cashing-in-on-the-peace-process wave. So public safety? Go ask the people of areas where the underground factions spar it out!!

•    Not at all. They seem very indifferent. As long as their pockets are protected they don’t care about the people.

•    No, all commercial activities and lives ceased daily before 4 pm in capital town of Kohima not to mention the rest of the towns. Killing, extortion, lawlessness etc is the order of the day. Nagaland with a strong police force, armed to the teeth is the highest in population to police ratio.

•    The public has the Dimapur bombings at the back of our minds. Armed UGs roam freely about the capital. What about the daily battles around our state? Can this government do anything about this anarchy?

•    The IRB instead of protecting us, they are giving us trouble. If these things are happening how can we trust the government to provide safety to the public?

•    The government cannot because they are only concerned about protecting their families, properties and themselves. They care only about themselves. Look at the number of escorts they use. The roam around like they own the whole world. For them they look at people only as voting numbers; only when election comes, they will run to the people, after that they throw them away like cheap dirt.