Don’t miss the chance of God’s gift

This article is being released in the interest of Naga people in general and M Aier of Dimapur in particular who wrote an article “Don’t miss the bus” which appeared in the Nagaland dailies on 3rd and 4th October, 2005 in which he stated that ‘the NNC/ FGN is a closed chapter. NSCN (IM) has achieved much.

They have saved the Naga resistance movement and its backbone.” His statement clearly indicated his poor knowledge on the Naga national affairs. Can any sensible Ao leader say that the killing of Ao leaders by the so-called NSCN leaders in 1979 was much achievement? Can anyone say that going around the world by NSCN (IM) leaders with Indian passports and then giving up the sovereignty of Nagaland is much achievement? Can we say that building of their luxurious lives at the cost of innocent blood and tears as an achievement made by the NSCN leaders for the Naga nation?

M Aier might have a fresh memory in his mind that, when the mortal remains of the Naga leader AZ Phizo was brought home in May 1990 the mammoth gathering of Naga people from all walks of life warmly welcomed him. This manifested the solidarity of Naga people under the banner of the Naga National Council (NNC). Also whenever the NGO leaders convened several meetings for unity and reconciliation of the Nagas, they always talked about the NNC and its achievements for the Nagas and said, they uphold the plebiscite of 1951.Even in a rally which was convened recently by the NGO leaders on August 31, 2005 at Kohima, almost all the speakers of the rally expressed the history of the NNC and its achievements recorded in the Naga national history under the leadership of AZ Phizo. 

Even Mr. Th Muivah had realized and truly said, “It is the NNC that gave us leeway, not me nor Isak. It was the NNC, it was Phizo. And who can deny that, the NNC leaders laid the foundation, but not by the NSCN.” He went on, “I have the courage to declare the truth now, and then we can still be saved. When we do not realize the truth, our weakness will pull us down, and the sins/weakness of Nagas will destroy us. Are we to perish together with the NSCN? No! That is not possible. Then who will save us? (Said by Muivah on 20 and January, 2005 at Hebron Camp Consultative Meeting.) 

How can M Aier say that “The NNC/FGN is a closed chapter?” NSCN (IM) has achieved much. They have saved the Naga resistance movement while Th. Muivah’s word is regretted in saying they will be saved only when they realize the truth and their misdeed.

Indeed the Nagas have missed the chance for victory. In this connection, Mr. Pachiu Khiamniungan of Phulungtung village narrated to me in May 2005, how the lord revealed to them that; “the Nagas have missed the chance thrice to achieve their national goal. Also “He is giving another chance for the fourth time to the Nagas to achieve their national objective.”

I have thoroughly studied the word of God, and the three chances might be as follows;-

1.    Firstly, the Nagas had a chance in 1960 when the NNC President reached London, UK and submitted a memorandum to the UNO so as to inter-nationalize the indo- Naga case. But it was disrupted because some Nagas signed 16-point agreement with the government of India and accepted the puppet statehood of India in 1960.

2.    Secondly, the Nagas had another chance when the international cease-fire was signed between the Federal Government of Nagaland and Government of India in May 1964 affecting on September 6, 1964 and several rounds of talks were held between the two nations. But our leaders failed to pass the case to the NNC President, AZ Phizo so that he could internationalize the Indo- Naga case; instead they declared the talk deadlock. 

3.    Thirdly, peace was restored once again in Nagaland in 1975 and thus our veteran leaders had a chance to divert the Indo- Naga conflict from the battle fields to political level without political commitment and paved the way to solve the Indo- Naga conflict through peaceful means. Hence they successfully passed the case to the NNC President, AZ Phizo. As a result a political talk between the NNC President and the Prime Minister of India was held in London, UK in 1977. There too the Nagas had a golden chance to internationalize the Indo- Naga case. But Isak and Th. Muivah played a destructive game by defecting from the NNC and formed the so-called NSCN in 1980. This made another setback for the Nagas in the running history of Nagaland. 

4.    And the fourth chance was brought to the Nagas by God Almighty. Because the chapter of the NSCN is going to close now and the Nagas will have another golden chance to solve the Indo- Naga conflict through amicable terms. So this time let us not miss the chance of God’s gift.

NNC member