Don’t Skip Your Meals..!

Very often I hear men and women saying very proudly how they skip meals. “I don’t have breakfast!” says a fast paced executive. “Me neither!” says his secretary.

“Why do you do this?” I ask surprised.

 “No time Bob, no time,” they say, and it’s for them and many others who do the same that I am going to reproduce the article called, ‘The Myth of Skipping Meals” by Dave Bowen.

Hear what he has to say:

“In the old days, if people wanted food to eat they had to either go hunting everyday or grow their own food. That’s a lot of work – that’s a lot of physical activity.

Our bodies were designed to use energy in order to get food. Even though this is no longer necessary, it doesn’t change the fact that our bodies are actually designed this way.

When you skip a meal, your body thinks that you’re out in the wild, maybe hunting or farming like the old days and thinks, for whatever reason, that there is no food available. This is built-in survival mechanism that all of us have in our genes.

When your body thinks food is hard to find, it makes two changes to protect you from starving. First, it slows your metabolism causing your body to slow down and burn less fat.

Secondly, the meal you eat after you skip a meal will be converted almost entirely to fat and stored – to protect you from starving. If you skip breakfast, almost all of what you eat for lunch is converted to fat.

You think you’re taking in less food but in reality you’re causing your body to store fat.

The solution is to eat regularly throughout the day fueling your body with whole foods and water. Your metabolism will increase, your stamina and endurance will increase, your appetite will decrease, and your body will produce less fat while it burns more!

Learn to “listen” to your body – it knows what’s best for you. Eat whole foods and drink water when you’re hungry and stop eating once you’re full. Then repeat as necessary throughout the day. It really is that simple!”

Well my dear friends, skipping meals may not be as dangerous as riding without a helmet but slowly yet surely you find the body reacting to these irregular timings you are keeping.

My suggestion, if you want to excel in whatever field you are in is to set apart regular timings for your food: Thank Dave Bowen and maybe me when you see the results..!

Robert Clements is a newspaper columnist and author. He blogs at and can be reached at