Dr Shurhozelie’s rejoinder- unfortunate

I’m pained to read the rejoinder given given by Dr. Surhozelie, which appeared in your daily paper on March 22nd , wherein Dr. Surhozelie opened his mouth on the issue of NU Vice Chancellor’s resignation, accusing the student’s of damaging University’s properties and the teachers of undermining the office of the Planning Minister.

It is a great shame that the Government did nothing when the controversy rocked the University and put it into a state of turmoil. As usual, the students’ were at the receiving end, as their academic performances were hampered for the last couple of years.

I view it seriously as a concerned citizen of a democratic country that the Minister even went to the extend of reminding the teachers their sizes for putting his office to criticism.

I quote Dr. Surhozelie, “They should know their sizes” carried in his rejoinder. Is the Minister trying to curb the Fundamental Rights enjoyed by the citizen in regards to Freedom of Speech & Expression under Article 19? Or is his office immune from criticism? Or is he trying to convey that only high and mighty can enjoy Freedom of Speech & Expression?

I think it is the duty of any responsible and accountable Government to foresee the proportion of destruction of losses any agitation/movement can cause and take preventive measures.

The present Government remained silent all these years and is now accusing the students of becoming violent. The harassment and losses suffered by the student community over the years due to the controversy can best explained by the students who have studied in the NU over the last couple of years.

Concerned citizen
Kahoto Ipokha