Drunk on duty, Assam cop suspended after video goes viral

Representational photo. (IANS Photo)

Representational photo. (IANS Photo)

Guwahati, October 31 (IANS): A constable was suspended here after his video consuming alcohol while on duty went viral on social media.

The video caught the attention of Assam Director General of Police Gyanendra Pratap Singh. Taking to his ‘X’ handle, he shared the information and wrote, “A video of a police personnel drinking liquor on duty in Guwahati has been brought to my notice. We have zero tolerance towards police personnel being inebriated on duty or while in uniform even if off duty. They shall meet the same fate as many others before them. I’ve directed the most severe lawfully permissible departmental action.”

Singh said on Tuesday that an order has been issued to suspend the cop who was found intoxicated in uniform.

“Suspension order of the delinquent policeman. I assure people he shall be awarded the most severe lawfully permitted departmental punishment”, he added.

The suspended police official is identified as Om Prakash Singh, an Unarmed Branch Constable (UBC) assigned to the Fatasil Ambari Police Station in Guwahati.

The West Guwahati Police District's Deputy Commissioner of Police issued the suspension order on Monday, citing misbehavior and neglect of duty as the grounds for the disciplinary action.

Notably, earlier in May this year, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, announced that the 300 or so officers who routinely consume alcohol will be offered the voluntary retirement scheme (VRS).

“About 300 Assam Police officers and staff members are heavy drinkers, which has severely harmed their bodies. There is a government mechanism that allows them to continue receiving their full wage and receive VRS. The youngsters will replace those unfit police personnel,” Sarma said.