Dzükou Valley through the eye of Slovak artist in Hornbill Festival

Jana Bednárová, is a professional artist from Slovakia at Dzükou Valley. (DIPR Photo)

Jana Bednárová, is a professional artist from Slovakia at Dzükou Valley. (DIPR Photo)

Kohima, November 29 (MExN): Jana Bednárová, is a professional artist from Slovakia, who has been working on her art research of wild nature in North East India for the past decade. She moved to North East after finishing her master degree in fine arts in 2014. 

This year she has visited Nagaland for the first time and stayed for two weeks to learn more about the pristine nature of Dzükou Valley where she went to paint outdoors using her specific art technique, handmade pigments on Eri silk, a DIPR report stated.

She has been working in Meghalaya in various projects including an art residency programme named as ‘Artists’ Point’ and an ecological project coined as ‘Pine Home’ with ‘Picasso Pupils an Art Society’ since 2016. She is a founder member of the Shillong and Slovakia based International art organization, which focuses on cultural exchange of resource professionals.

She will be presenting her art experience via short video at the Hipfest, Hornbill International photo fest/contest and art gallery to be inaugurated on day-one of Hornbill Festival. Anyone can join her art talk on day-two of Hornbill festival at the Local Colors Art Exhibition, the Art Corner hosted by TaFMA Nagaland, it stated.

The results of her project in Nagaland will be showcase in art exhibitions in Europe. “We are pleased to hear that the exotic natural beauty of Nagaland will be creatively promoted in the European region,” DIPR added. 

Plein-air painting has become the characteristic art technique for Jana as she focuses on the immersion to the landscape of North-East India, where she currently lives and works. Walking in pristine untouched nature and discovering hidden sceneries of jungle may be in future only utopic recall stored in our memory. Bednarova works with the image of nature which we used to know. She works with handmade pigments used in miniature painting of manuscripts which she applies on handwoven traditional silk.

The video showcases the gimps of the plein-air painting in Dzukou Valley areas. The artist Jana Bednarova works directly on site, portraying the sceneries of the untouched nature. Through the outdoor paintings on Eri silk with Hengul Haital pigments she attempts to capture the natural environment and preserve those images of harmony, mutuality and co-existence.

The project focuses on observing nature and its sustainable ecosystem which is functioning without intervention of humans where else existence of humankind ultimately lies in the hands of nature, it added.