To Earth with Love: Flower Show 2020 begins today

To Earth with Love: Flower Show 2020 begins today

To Earth with Love: Flower Show 2020 begins today

'Flower Show 2020' organized by the Dimapur District Floricultural Association begins on March 12. The 2nd edition will be held under the theme ‘To Earth with Love’ at Dimapur Club, Midland from March 12 to 14.


Kanili Kiho
Dimapur | March 11 

Dimapur District Floricultural Association (DDFA) is a group of passionate flower growers, (mostly women) who came together in the year 2018.

They embarked upon a venture to create a platform and support each other, whilst to render their passion in upping the state economy, through the language of flowers.

The idea came to fruition on November 6, 2018 when they organized their debut flower show in collaboration with the Nagaland Flowers Growers Society (NFGS). It was co-sponsored by the Department of Horticulture under Government of Nagaland. 

Ahead of the 2nd edition beginning March 12, The Morung Express caught up with some of the busy florists. 

Watila Longkumer, a member of the DDFA said some of the members grow flowers as a hobby, while most of them sustain their livelihood through the sales. They sell their produce in Supermarket and other bazaars in Dimapur.

With more than 90 registered members at present, the criteria they passed were simple. They should be flower lovers and they should be growing and selling flowers.

A mother of two, Temjensola Pongen, grew flowers as a hobby. It was in 2002, she started to take her home grown flowers to Supermarket for sale, and since then, she took it up as a profession. 

The labour, the dirt, the constant bending, the watering are all worth the efforts when you finally get to see your hardwork budding into gorgeous flowers, she smiles over the phone.

Apart from adding aesthetic beauty to the surroundings, growing flowers has helped her family financially and the other aspects as well, like peace and calm, Pongen added.

Another enthusiastic flower lover, Asenuo V Chishi expressed utter delight in this undertaking. Chishi, who joined the DDFA last year, said she was grateful to be able to learn from the experienced florists. 

‘Flower Show 2020,’ a three-day event will be held under the theme ‘To Earth with Love’ from March 12 to 14 at Dimapur Club, Midland.

The show will include on-the-spot floral arrangement competition, exhibition – where the growers will exhibit the best of their produce, sales of flowers, ornamental plants and saplings put up in the stalls. Categories for the competition are: Ferns, Foliage, Cacti/Euphorbia, Indigenous Foliage & Flowers, Palms, Orchids, Bonsai, Perennials/Anthuriums, Seasonal/Biennials, Bougainvillea and Succulents.
All the categories carry attractive cash prizes according to the organizers.