Easter: A time to revitalize

Niekhoyi Rhakho Stephen

Gone are the days when life was wedged in wear and tear. Some had an idea that life to live forth has no implication and does not suffice in any way out. If you have that idea about life, you’re wide of the mark. Christ, who came in the form of human became our brother and friend. He came not to show off His pride or charisma but rather to save our souls from the sins of death. Jesus loves the sinners but not sin clearly illustrates that our sins are forgivable.  

There were times when we had to lose hope for to carry the burden thrown unto us was excruciating. We become nothing less than being wrecked. These tragedies -I believe- will ultimately pave the way to a new level of hope in the long run.   The resurrection clearly proves that He’s still living in our hearts and within us. The blood and thirst of Jesus saved us from sorrows and snares of our enemies. The thesis of Jesus is to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Let us take a flashback in the sands of time in Galilee and various places when our Lord was with His disciples sharing the word of God; His theories were never wrong in whatsoever way. He always advocated for love, peace, charity, piety, chastity, patience and so forth.  

We’re called to be renewed on this day of resurrection. Let us pray for peace in the world and war torn countries that such responsible citizens may shun violence and return to the path of truthful life. If Jesus was such a human to endure whips and torture for our betterment, don’t we have the right to fulfill His desire by our deeds? On this day of new hope and rejoicing, let us give up our ego-centric life and invite Christ to be the centre of our life. Gossip and hatred can be of another grave menace against the fulfillment of His aspiration; to be holy or pious is next to impossible for many, but it is in practice that perfection comes. May the good Lord bless us with richness of soul, to live forth propagating his teachings and bringing back the lost souls here on earth.  

Happy Easter!!!