Economy rising concern for voters: Survey

Economy rising concern for voters: Survey

Economy rising concern for voters: Survey

New Delhi, Jan 16 (IANS) With each passing day, Delhi voters appear to be getting increasingly concerned with economic issues and less worried about development issues, findings of the IANS/C-Voter Delhi Tracker indicate. While the AAP continues to hold on to its lead position in the survey, the breakup of data throws up some interesting trends.

On Thursday, 56.2 per cent of voters considered development issues as important while it was higher at 57.4 per cent on Wednesday and 58.1 per cent on Tuesday. The dip in importance given to development issues is in contrast with the steady rise of voter percentage who consider economic issues as most important. During the same period from January 14-January 16, the percentage of voters listing economic issues as most important issue gradually increased. If it was 28 per cent on Tuesday, it rose to 28.3 per cent on Wednesday and spiked to 29.8 per cent on Thursday.

Compared to Wednesday, survey results of the IANS/C-Voter Delhi Tracker on Thursday show the AAP retaining its previous day''s ratings and the BJP ratings dipping by 0.6 per cent while the Congress has lost 0.1 per cent. The percentage of undecided voters stood at 14.4 per cent on Thursday.

As many as 55.4 per cent respondents say they will vote for the Aam Aadmi Party, if Delhi elections are held on January 16, according to IANS-CVoter Delhi poll tracker 2020. However, 56.9 per cent of the respondents have thrown their weight behind the saffron party, so far as Lok Sabha elections are concerned.

A total of 1,944 voters in urban, semi-urban and rural areas of Delhi were polled on Thursday, in the poll which ends at 4 p.m.

The IANS/C-Voter Delhi Tracker is an extensive poll survey exercise that tracks voter tendencies across Delhi''s seventy assembly constituencies. Its first edition was released on Jan 6, the day election dates were announced by the Election Commission of India.

Delhi goes to polls on February 8 and counting is on February 11.