Education & society

‘Society’ is the only word that brings the people together as one. Centuries back our forefathers settled in groups and roamed around in groups in search of food, shelter, etc. Though they were not literate and educated they were happy living in groups and were able to satisfy their needs. Today our society has turned into a disaster though there are educated people everywhere as the ‘wants’ of the people has turned into ‘needs’ and people run after the worldly fulfilment. We say without education there is nothing but when we look around and look back we see everything falling apart educated people spoiling the unity of the society and the lives of the simple people. Evil works like jealousy, adultery practices, superiority complexes, etc. is spoiling the harmonious living of the society. Though colleges, schools and institutions teaches us about the world and educates us in many ways one cannot expect the world to be in harmony without encompassing nurturing touch and respect among people . From research and studies on touch, from our personal experiences, from observation and from pure intuition, we have come to believe that promoting nurturing touch should be experienced by all people in all stages of their life. We believe that education in schools and the encompassing of nurturing touch and respect among children can be seen as a tool for a better society. We now know that nurturing touch is an important need. If nurturing touch is brought into the educational arena, it might become an important step towards a resolution of the crisis that education is facing. It is us the common people who can start the movement towards a better society. In a society it is not true to say the ‘All we need in life to survive and stay happy is education’. In fact educated and rich people are not half as happy as the illiterate and poor people. Illiterate families living in the remote rural areas live happily. Each person is highly respected and everybody contributes for the well-being of the family and understands the lives of each member in a society. Children grow in a secure atmosphere and get the love of grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Brotherhood and sharing come naturally to them. Just drive to a village and you will find the difference. Farmers who grow our food whole-heartedly and generously give us vegetables, fruits and grains that they grow freely, though they themselves may be living in abject poverty. No college or university taught them those values. Not that there are exceptions on both the sides.
Education in the real sense has to take on the responsibility of protecting the value system of the society, besides imparting bookish knowledge to the students. Education should teach students life skills. Students should be prepared to face any kind of eventuality in their lives. Life is not rosy at all times. One should be ready to pass through thorns too. Education should be taught in such a way that people should learn the true meaning of the word ‘society’ and should live in peace as an educated person in fallen society to bring lives together. And part of the evolution of society depends on the willingness of individuals to come forward with their ideas. It then takes time, even years or generations to understand if the idea was worth a try. However, as any journey begins with one step, we have a step to propose. That step finds its basis in human nature. No matter what background, culture or social conditions people come from, we all share a common element that is part of human nature. Careful observation of human nature can lead us to an understanding of who we are and what we need to satisfy our potential. We should ask ourselves ‘If nurturing touch became the norm and a natural way of relating to one another, would that lead to a better society?’