Elon Musk meets father after 7 years as family cried

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San Francisco, November 25 (IANS) SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk met his father Errol Musk after seven years during the launch of the Starship rocket, according to reports.

Errol and family watched the Starship launch with local and international guests from a VIP platform last Saturday, and he was visited by Elon when he was in Austin, Texas, to spend some time with his daughters.

"They spoke for a long time. It was very touching for me and our daughters to see this. We were speechless," Errol's ex-wife Heide Musk was quoted as saying.

"The family cried. It was pretty emotional stuff. Errol was very happy to see Elon, and Elon appeared very happy to see his father. They immediately sat down at Elon's table next to one another and started talking as though no time had passed," Heide added.

Elon and his father last met in Cape Town, South Africa in 2016 during Errol's 70th birthday celebrations.

Errol, 77, created a sensation last year when he admitted that he is not a 'Lothario' (serial womanizer) but in his head, he has "slept with many women".

After revealing that he had a second child with his own stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout, Errol said that he is not a serial womaniser despite claims of countless lovers and fathering two children with his own stepdaughter, reported The Mirror.

Errol, who now lives in South Africa, announced last year that he fathered a second child with the 36-year-old daughter of his former wife Heide.

When asked whether he was proud of his son Elon, he said: "One doesn't walk around saying 'I'm proud'.

"It's one of the seven deadly sins. Instead I would say I'm very thankful for Elon's achievements and that he is okay and managing."