ENLU appeal public to participate in polls

Kohima, April 16 (MExN): The Eastern Nagaland legislators today “fervently” appealed the general public of Eastern Nagaland to participate in the 18th Lok Sabha general election scheduled in the State on April 19.  In an appeal, the Eastern Nagaland Legislators Union (ENLU) said that as elected representatives of the region, it acknowledges and are mindful of the resentment with regard to the Frontier Nagaland Territory (FNT) demand. However, abstention from the Lok Sabha polls would rather hinder the progress of the talks, it contended. 

As the current status of FNT has been made known to the people through the Working Paper, let us be pragmatic and insightful in looking forward with good intention beyond April 19, it added. 

The Union further reminded that to “enjoy the rights, we must also exercise our duties” and “sincerely" reiterated its assurance in extending all  "co-operation to the negotiation process once the popular government is formed at the centre.” Accordingly, the ENLU requested all the stakeholders not to disrupt the democratic process in the greater interest of the general public.