Eva Longoria makes it clear she wants to work with people she loves as ‘life is too short’

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Los Angeles, May 19 (IANS) Actress Eva Longoria has talked about why she approaches new projects by considering her circle of friends first and revealed that she wants to work with people she loves.

"I want to work with people I love," Longoria said, naming friends and fellow actresses Kerry Washington and Gabrielle Union, with whom she has upcoming projects, at the Cannes Film Festival to people.com.

"Life's too short to work with a-------, and I'd much rather be surrounded by people I love and creatives that I respect," she continued, talking about the process in which she decides what to work on next as "reverse engineering."

The actress considers who she wants to collaborate with first, and then seeks out projects that will work best for everyone involved.

"It's the people and their vision and what they bring to it more than the actual project" that will get her on a set.

Longoria has a list of directors and producers she would love to collaborate with.

According to her creative process, Longoria says she'll "develop projects around that idea," and eventually they'll be collaborating together on something.

"Like, 'Okay, if I want to work with Carmen Maura, what would be a good vehicle for that?' " she said.