Executions without trial alien to Nagas: NSCN (K)

DIMAPUR, JAN 29 (MExN): Stating that the “culture of vengeance killings and summary executions without trial is an alien culture to the Nagas imported to Naga country only after intrusion of criminal minded illegal-immigrants from neighboring states”, the NSCN (K) in a statement pointed out that it was “an inherent trait of the Nagas to settle any disputes through amicable discussions and debates, however heinous a crime could be, capital punishments were never exacted”.

“No vengeance was ever pursued by individual victims or communities after amicable settlement were agreed to. customary and traditional ethos had always been the basis of reconciliation and forgiveness”, stated Akato Chophi, Supervisor, Union Territory-1 of the NSCN (K) in a press communiqué.

In light of what Akato termed as “these inherent positive qualities”, the bounty announced on Kakuho Assumi by the NSCN (K) in connection to late Vikuto (Neon’s) barbaric execution by rival NSCN (IM) cadres has become “nullified”. Informing that “this was necessitated and reciprocated after the family circles and village communities of Kakuho Assumi approached the victim’s families maintaining that Kakuho had in no way, instrumental in execution of Vikuto”, it was further stated that the concerned individual “tendered an apology and pleaded for absolving misconceived role in the brutal and inhumane hacking of Late Vikuto”. 

“Respecting humane approach of the concerned, the NSCN has decided to withdraw the bounty announced on Kakuho Assumi”.  However, taking into account what it termed as “the numerous atrocities committed and perpetrated by Major Ape and under his command, on Nagas, the NSCN takes a firm exception on his case and the bounty remains”. 

The NSCN (K) leader alleged that Major. Ape, “owing to his merciless acts of barbaric killings even upon several Naga folks from his own blameless kith and kin, he was ostracized from his community”. 

“It is indeed demeaning to our sacred national cause that worker with such reputation is made to command key areas in Nagaland, it is concluded that, terror is Systematically being utilized to rein over the peace loving Nagas”, Akato maintained.