'Extortion & Blackmailing' rates drop in Nagaland, but still highest in India

State however records lowest crime rate in India

Moa Jamir
Dimapur | December 6

Despite a considerable decrease in cases, Nagaland continues to hold the dubious distinction of having the highest crime rate under ‘Extortion & Blackmailing’ under Sections 384 to 389 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), revealed by the latest 'Crime in India 2022' compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

According to the report, the rate of crime for 'Extortion & Blackmailing’ in Nagaland, at 4.5 per lakh population, was the highest among the States/Union Territories (UTs) in India.  The national average during the same period was just 0.9, and the closest to Nagaland were Arunachal Pradesh at 2.9 and Assam at 1.7. 

The crime rate is calculated as 'crime incidence' per one lakh of the population, according to the NCRB. Nagaland has been consistently recording the highest rate for the last 8 years. The report projected the mid-year population of Nagaland in 2022 at 22.22 lakh. 

However, in terms of actual incidences/cases, Nagaland registered 100 crimes in 2022, the lowest since 2014 when the NCRB began to publish specific data on ‘Extortion & Blackmailing’ under 'Offences against Property.'

The highest during the last 10 years was recorded in 2019 at 201, which decreased to 131 in 2020. It increased marginally to 159 in 2021, before decreasing further in 2022.

Marginal increase in overall crimes
Meanwhile, reversing a declining trend from 2018-2021, the overall crimes in Nagaland increased marginally from 1478 in 2021 to 1592 in 2022, indicating a 7.7% surge. The total in 2022 comprised 1008 under IPC and 584 under Special & Local Laws (SLL) crimes.

Accordingly, the rate of the cognisable crimes increased from 67.2 persons per 1 lakh population in 2021 to 71.8 in 2022. The 'Chargesheeting' rate in 2022 was 71.7. 

However, the rate of cognisable crimes (IPC+SLL) was the lowest among all States and UTs in India.  A total of 58,24,946 cognisable crimes comprising 35,61,379 IPC and 22,63,567  SLL crimes were registered across India in 2022 and the national crime rate was 422.2 persons per 1 lakh population.

Out of 1008 IPC Crimes, 'Offences against Property' constituted the highest number of cases at 722. 'Theft' followed next at 465, with 'Auto/Motor Vehicle Theft' being the most common crime under the category at 299. There were 164 'Offences Affecting the Human Body.’

While there were 50 cases relating to 'Causing Death by Negligence,' 'Attempt to Commit Murder, and 'Murder' cases were at 26 and 21 cases, respectively. A total of 28 cases were related with 'Kidnapping and Abduction.’ 

At 472, cases under Liquor & Narcotic Drugs – Related Acts constituted most of the 584 SLL Crimes.

Of these, 242 were under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, while 230 were under the Prohibition Act.
Offences of Arms/Explosive-Related Acts (67), The Arms Act, 1959 (64), and Illegal/Unlicensed Arms (61) form the bulk of SLL Crimes.

In a concerning note, there were also 27 SLL crimes related to children, out of which 26 were under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

The NCRB Report, under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, compiles the report annually based on information obtained from States/Union Territories (UTs) Police and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) / Central Police Organisations (CPOs).

“Clarifications on data for Crime in India are pending from Nagaland. Hence, data from Nagaland State may be treated as provisional,” the report added.