Facts of NCS and allied service Preliminary Examination, 2007 conducted by the NPSC

The objective of every public service commission is to recruit officers based on merit through competitive examination. The official appointed or selected becomes the backbone of the state mechanism. And therefore, with much concern and seriousness of the matter, we present to the people for their knowledge, the arbitrary functions and incompetence of the NPSC, especially in regard to the NCS and Allied services Preliminary Examination, 2007.

1. On 28th May, 2007, 598 candidates were selected to sit for the NCS and Allied services Mains Examination. 2007.

2. On 5th July, 2007, the NPSC furnished Model Answer Paper (MAP) as per the directive of the Hon’ble Gauhati High Court, Kohima  bench.   

3. On 30th July, 2007, the NPSC accepted 13 wrong answers as furnished in the MAP. 

4. On 3rd August, 2007, the NPSC selected another 429 candidates in addition to 598 candidates selected earlier.

The 429 candidates have been selected basing on the 13 corrected answers from among the failed candidates. The disaster here is, the NPSC failed to reassess or re-evaluate the whole answer paper basing on the 13 corrected answers and re-declare the prelims result. Hence, the 598 candidate selected earlier basing on the 13 wrong answers cannot be justified on any ground. The commission reassessing only to failed candidates indirectly undermined the credibility and integrity of the 598 mostly deserving candidates who have been selected in the first place. Moreover, the Preliminary stage has two results, never heard-off in any examination so far.

5.     Breach of ratio:
According to NPSC affidavit in opposition, the ratio 1:7 is maintained for each post at the preliminary stage of examination to sit for the mains stage. The irony here is, the NPSC failed to maintain its own set rules. Now, the ratio is doubled which means 1: 14 approximate and which is never heard in the history of any Public Service Commissions.
6.     Time duration:

The first selected 598 candidates were allotted 108 days whereas only 41 days were allotted to second selected candidates to prepare for mains examination which directly violate the right to equality.

7. As furnished in the MAP, question no. 22 and 39 have been allotted equal marks (2 + 2 = 4 marks) to every candidates of Prelims examination, 2007, is questionable. The First prelims result was declared on 28th May, 2007 and NPSC received a letter from the company engaged by the NPSC to set the questions and evaluate the same was received only on May31, 2007. The intimation was received 3 (three) days after the declaration of the prelims result. Without the Court directive to furnish the MAP; these two wrong answers would have been gone un-noticed.

8. The 13 wrong answers in the MAP acknowledge4- and corrected by the NPSC on 30th July, 2007, unfortunately were not made public. The mystery of the 13 corrected answers is now a myth.

Competition is only based on merit and never on compassionate ground. Only the deserving and the competent are called for. However, corruption prevails where truth is suppressed for fear of consequences. In the process the mission fails and the objective lost. Corruption in the NPSC is a known fact, errors; insincerity; nepotism; dishonest act in return for money and so on. To end these debacles the NPSC should sincerely restore itself on what principles the Commission should stand and act. Our institutions will never flourish and benefit the good citizens if they don’t act on democratic principles and if we don’t exercise our rights and duties.

Vihepu, Kevezo, Asong, Moa, Atu, Chingmak, Abemo, Alo.