Fatherhood: A God given Privilege to Man

Father's Day is a day to honour our fathers for their love and sacrifices. It is a day when fathers are made to feel loved and special which comes with hugs, kisses, gifts, beautifully written cards and a day to hear pleasantries like,"Hey Dad,You are the best dad  any child could  ask for.” But the importance of the father in the life of the children cannot be limited to a day’s mere celebration. It should be an every day’s observation. Every child should think back all the good things their fathers have done and not let their efforts go away unrewarded with love and appreciation. It is also a day of reminder for fathers of the incredible responsibilities they have and the great privilege. Being a Dad means that God has entrusted you with the task of training your children in the way they should go. He has assigned you to teach them the fear of the Lord.
The first thing fathers need to see is that, inevitably a father does represent God to his family. One of the most solemn responsibilities that God can give to any human being is to represent Himself to others. The father, as priest of the family should possess strong moral character and his children should seek the Lord at his mouth. A good father is the most God like thing a man can become because a child normally forms its first impression of God from his father. The model father is someone like Joshua, willing to stand against everything carnal and compromising and boldly speak for his whole family. Fathers have been given a wonderful gift from God i.e., their family and they will be held accountable for how they look after that gift. Fathers need to be good role models that children will want to emulate. They need to demonstrate and live the word of God in front of their children and let them see as authentic people, “always practicing what they preach.” It is not about fathers trying to be perfect people but it is about consistently trying to be the very best and then passing that on to the children.
It is commendable for fathers who take their God-given responsibilities seriously but its frightening to think of how God would say to fathers who fail, “I expected you to be the priest of your family but because you've failed in your responsibility, I am going to bring a curse upon your family, I am going to forget your children and write them off.” This is a very powerful word to fathers. Majority of parents really do not enjoy their children, why? It is a curse for disobedience. God gave children as the greatest blessing He could give to men and women. When fathers and mothers, especially fathers, do not walk in the way of the Lord, then that blessing is no longer a blessing. The children will go into various kinds of satanic captivity and indeed break their hearts. Therefore fathers have a choice, to put their God-given power to make a positive impact and build a fulfilled home accompanied by blessings or to make a negative impact and face the ultimate consequence, which is Curse.
Every father should know that they have to succeed, first and foremost, as a husband and as a father. To succeed in other capacities but fail as a father would be to fail in God's sight and nothing can ever make up for that failure. Every father should take this day as an opportunity for soul searching in order to become a better person, a better husband and a better father. To quote Mark Twain. “Any man can father a child, but it takes someone special to be a dad." So fathers, get your house in order and be the man you are called to be, so that your children look up with admiration and a longing to be like you.
Long live Fathers!
Mhonbe Ovung,