Final offensive for Heal Dimapur warriors

Dimapur, December 29 (MExN): In its quest to heal Dimapur of its wounds, youth prayer movement Heal Dimapur is in preparation for what was stated to be the “final offensive” in its spiritual mission, for this year. The core team of Heal Dimapur is scheduled to meet in a prayer hour on December 30, Tuesday, from 4:00 pm in front of Hotel Saramati. All believers are invited to join in the prayer.    

The team, in a message today, quoted former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill exhorting troops while preparing for an offensive against the Nazis during the Second World War: “This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. But this is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” 

“As we come to the close of the year we want to echo the words of Churchill. We have not reached the end of the battle for Dimapur against spiritual forces of wickedness. We may not even have begun the final battle yet. But we believe we have completed the first stage of this spiritual battle. We have reached the end of the beginning” Heal Dimapur’s message read. 

However, ‘we are not closing the year quietly’ the team said. “We want to launch a final offensive in this spiritual warfare before moving on to the next level in the coming year. We call upon church leaders, youth workers, believers young and old; in short, we call on the church of Jesus Christ in Dimapur to join us for worship and prayer,” the youths stated.

“Dimapur is our city. We need to take up ownership and the responsibility for its healing. Remember, many Christian leaders around the world are realizing this truth: ‘History belongs to the intercessors’. Let’s be history makers in our land” the team exhorted all citizens. 

The Heal Dimapur prayer movement, inspired by 2 Chronicles 7:14, was started on September 21 with a vision to mobilize Christian believers in the city for a commitment to pray in unity and with repentant hearts to heal strife-torn Dimapur.

In the two months following the inaugural gathering, Christians from various denominations and churches united to worship God and intercede on behalf of the city, ‘while identifying with the sins of the city also’. Heal Dimapur expressed conviction that united prayers and “identificational” repentance have dented “the enemy’s stronghold”.