Fire at Lhomithi colony renders 20 families homeless

A volunteer is seen pouring water from a pail as smoke raises from the smoldering cinders at the site of the inferno at Lhomithi colony on Monday, March 21. (Caisii Mao Photo)
DIMAPUR, MARCH 21 (MExN): A fire incident at Lhomithi colony, Dimapur on Monday, March 21 rendered around 22 families homeless. The affected site bordered with the Army Supply Depot and was a congested cluster dwelling consisting of around 17 houses.  Fortunately there was no loss of lives.
Aided in part by the seasonal winds at this time of the year, the fire was said to have started from one of the houses at around noon today. Some witnesses said that Holi revelers at one of the houses left a lit fireplace unattended.  
A total of ten fire tenders from the Fire department as well as from the Army battled the flames for about two hours. By the time it was put under control, almost all of the dwellings were destroyed.  Some sources put the number of affected families, mostly ‘non-locals’, at 30 though not confirmed.
The Fire department estimated that properties worth more than Rs. 22 lakh were destroyed.  Electrical short circuit as a cause was ruled out by the Fire Department as there was no power during the time. It was added that the fire trucks took 30 minutes to reach the spot owing to traffic congestion at Circular Road.