First Mother's Day without Mom

Tiala Imchen

No Word can Express the Power, 
Beauty and Heroism of Mother's Love
A Mother's arms are more Comforting
Than anyone else's
One quite day the Angel's came,
And took Mom far away
But in the stillness of the night
I could almost hear her say
“Dear daughter, I will miss you, 
You mean So much to me, 
But Jesus called me to His side,
In Heaven I will be. 
A place of God's great beauty 
No tears or earthly Cares,
Only Peace and Joy forever
And love beyond Compare.
So remember all the good times
Don't think about the Sad, 
Treasure all the Special Moments,
Through the years we've always had.
And if you trust in JESUS
I can Promise this and more,
You will get a hug from mom,
Someday on Heaven's Golden Shore.”
Mom! To the World, you are a Mother, 
But for me, you are the World.
Mom! The day that l lost you,
Felt as my life had ended too.
I have not heard your Voice in months,
But my heart has Conversations with  
You everyday. You've made me who I'm 
today, You've been my rock throughout 
my Life.
I know you are always watching over me,
And that your guiding hand will forever be
my shoulder. 
Thank you will never be enough 
for everything you've done for me.
My mom died this year on February 20, 2021. This is my first Mother's day (May 9, 2021) without my beloved mom.
Happy Mother's day to all living Mothers!