FNR puts signatories, Naga public on notice

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 27 (MExN): With the Covenant of Reconciliation signed in June 13, 2009, often referred to as the Magna Carta of the Nagas, now facing a stern test of commitment from the signatories with reports of deadlock among the Naga political groups, the Forum for Naga Reconciliation while taking serious note of the present situation has cautioned that if “any individual or Naga political group, at one’s/their own free will, opt out of the Naga reconciliation that will be one’s/their personal choice and the person/the group concerned will be answerable to the Naga people”.
“At this juncture, should there be a set-back in the Naga Reconciliation: A Journey of Common Hope, the FNR will refer the mandate of the Nagas, back to the Naga people in order to make a pronouncement”, stated a press note under the title “Credo: FNR’s Stance”. The FNR maintained that “because Nagas have problems within us, we must sit and talk and if we have no problems there is no reason to reconcile.”
In an obvious sign that it was not happy with the stalemate, the FNR termed it as “absolute necessity that all concerned parties maintain a peaceful and conducive atmosphere and avoid any action that seem provocative to the reconciliation process”. The FNR also invoked all party (ies) with immediate effect to refrain from all forms of armed confrontations, totally contrary to the resolutions and agreements arrived at on several occasions and made known to the public.
Pointing out that the FNR was “accountable to the people vis-à-vis the mandate of the Nagas”, it made known to the Naga people that the Highest Level Meeting of the Naga political leaders must produce a “decisive harvest”. “Hence, the parties to the Highest Level Meeting must exercise their given responsibility with affirmative intentionality and unswerving adherence to reconciliation based on the ‘Historical and Political Rights of the Nagas’ bound by ‘love and respect’ as the COR states”, the FNR reminded.
While stating that in the last 36 months of the Journey of Common hope, Nagas have achieved tangible outcomes, the FNR nevertheless pointed out that “Nagas must move on unitedly with ever increasing renewed strength” and that “Naga history cannot choose what is not ours nor invent anything more than what are our historical and political rights”.
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