FNR work cut bloodshed, not DAN govt, says NPCC

Dimapur, May 1 (MExN): The Nagaland Congress today strongly reminded the Naga People’s Front (NPF) not to claim the due credit of pacifists and civil organizations led by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) whose endeavor resulted in the drastic decrease in violence and deaths in Nagaland due to “UG activities.” The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee admitted today that the credit should go to the FNR and Naga civil organizations while the “credit of more extortion” belongs to the Democratic Alliance of Nagaland Government.
“To be honest, the Congress feels that the credit of present situation of less factional clashes and killing should go to FNR and the credit of more extortion to DAN Govt. The new addition of extortion industry of DAN is Municipal Committees and Town Councils,” the media cell of the NPCC today
The Congress also termed the NPF ‘figures’ to be the result of “selective amnesia” as the figures they furnished were incomplete. “The comparison of the periods by furnishing such figures is irrelevant as DAN government has come to power after Ceasefires were signed between GoI and both NSCNs. Since they forgot to mention the figures for the first tenure, NPCC will table the figures for public consumption,” the note stated.
In response, the NPCC also listed aggressions allegedly committed by NPF workers during elections after the announcement of 26 Aolengden A/c by-elections. According to the Congress, NPF supporters attacked one Akang a retired Assistant Director of Industries and his son one Alem, an architect engineer at Antsuok kong Sector in Ungma at around 5.30 Pm on April 8. “Ungma village Council took up the case and two of the culprits (NPF supporters) were fined one Pig each,” the NPCC informed.  
In addition, the Intelligence also detected illegal arms by NPF supporters, the NPCC stated. “This was justified through the incident on 17/04/11 late night (2.00 O clock) where Mr. Lanusowa Longkumer (an ardent supporter of Mr Toshipokba NPF candidate) was shot on the head by his co-worker with an illegal and unlicensed Arm. He was taken immediately to Jorhat but died of the injury after ten hours at Jorhat. This case was taken up by the Village Council Ungma on 29/04/11 and the culprit was fined a pig and a cultivable land on which could be sowed 30 tins of paddy seeds belonging to the accused was given to the victim’s family as compensation for the death as per the customary law. Further the seized arm was forwarded to the nearest police station.”
Further, on April 26, the NPCC stated, NPF supporters blocked a road at Mekumpong sector and attacked Congress workers. 3 persons were injured out of which two person one Temjenpokba, 50 years old and one Takotemjen 30 years old years old, were taken outside the state for further medical investigation, the Congress said.
The NPF gave many more of such instances where the NPF allegedly resorted to violence. “The people can judge for themselves the manner in which the NPF is behaving in the bye elections. The NPCC appeals to the people of Nagaland and particularly the people, administration and security forces to ensure free and fair election,” the NPCC added.