For the people or against the people

I read with anguish about the events unfolding from the disputes over ownership of land in and around Jalukie-Zangdi to the ultimate battering of heads of the peaceful rallies. Some Naga people seem to be trying to harvest personal gains while the whole Nagas were told to look a head for peace settlement of the decades old political issues. Do they call this “hook winking” the people? We may put forth different reasons for so-far-unsuccessful settlement of the Nagas issues but the real reason is these - harvesting personal gains. We deny these and we deny ourselves and our goal.

Whom are we trying to bluff on how many and what kinds of homesteads and livelihoods were burnt down at Jaluke-Zangdi? What constitutes a homesteads and livelihood? Should the homesteads be RCC buildings like those at Dimapur where Neo - Nagas has set up? And should the livelihood be a Bread and Butter fed from the Plaza Bakery at Dimapur? I thought the Nagas have grievances against the Govt. of India for burning our villages and destroying our granaries and on these crimes the Nagas took it up at different platforms of the world! The greatest cheat in this whole world is one who cheats oneself. One thing I believe is God created Man and another thing is Man can also Evolve – but worst is evolving to the likeness of the image of his enemy! What a same it would be! My heart cry out for those living in the open under monsoon weather after their homesteads are burned down and their livelihoods destroyed. They are my fellow Nagas but unfortunately harassed by my another fellow Nagas. I have not yet heard of relief and rehabilitation for them. I console in faith that God is taking care of them. I know all kinds of governments are there but they seem to be all for the privileged and the powerfuls.

I am encouraged by the fact that the Naga issue has been brought to the forefront for the world to get involved and I am also made to believe that the NSCN (IM) is not short of wisdom. But we must remember that many great men and great missions of history have faltered due to silly reasons and not always due to some great agenda. As far as I know this land dispute has been going on for some years. What I do not understand is the urgent reason(s) necessitating the NSCN (IM) to pass judgment now on this issue when at this juncture they most needed the undoubting and unified support of the whole Nagas. We all know that once the judgment is passed one of the parties is going to be unhappy over the decisions; the guilty party if their agenda is not fulfilled and the genuine party if their bonafide right is taken away. Security will not be established out of vast clearing of land in and around Hebron but by being surrounded by well-wishers and I have learnt of immense well-wishers for the NSCN (IM) in that areas. Watch out for those wolves in sheeps’ clothing who may be harvesting personal gains while the community is busy for the community’s well being. Let us not act like God but be realistic and accept that some of the problems in this world can not be solved explicitly but live with grace and adjustments, however temporary it may be. Otherwise, Christ has no meaning in our life.

Some may immediately understand matters concerning certain issues due to the inborn intelligence and because one has been silently racking the issues in his/her brain for quite some times but should not expect others to immediately understand the matter of the issues as soon as one’s mouth is opened. Give time to fellow persons since people are born with different talents. One must not push down the throat of the others what ever and when ever we like. If burning the homesteads and destroying the livelihoods is the rightful means of implementing the agenda and policy then the Govt. of India was not wrong in burning villages of the Nagas and destroying livelihoods of the Nagas because they were implementing their agenda and policy. If these means is wrong then the wrong must be amended favourably. In the eye of one’s rights nobody is strong or weak and the fight will continue for one’s rights. Nagas believed this and have live up to it thus far.

May God give more wisdom to the Nagas.

Raigi Zeliang, On email