Former SO claims assassination attempt by NSCN (IM)

DIMAPUR, DEC 13 (MExN): The NSCN (K) has claimed that its rival had issued an execution order on Kiyeshi Sumi which was directed to be secretly carried out on his wedding day, December  12, 2006. Kiyeshi, it was informed, had served as ‘Sectional Officer’ in the MIP, NSCN (IM). Kiyeshi in a statement received here pointed out that this execution order was in continuation of earlier similar failed assassination attempt on former Sumi Hoho President, Huskha Yepthomi.

“Despite selfless service for the last nine (9) years in the IK’s fold, I was aghast on learning of such conspiracies taking place to eliminate me without any convincing allegations. It may be recalled that pre-dominant and despotic manipulation of IK’s organization by certain tribe (Tangkhul) still aspiring to gain legitimate Naga identity has brought about disillusionment and has compelled sincere national workers to embrace national platform that represents Naga National interest”, Kiyeshi stated in the press note.

He stated that following the ‘exemplary steps’ taken by prominent “national workers” who were formerly in the NSCN (IM) and taking into consideration his personal safety, he had joined the NSCN (K) to serve the ‘national interest’ with the best of his capacity without any threat or hindrances unlike in the NSCN (IM), “where individual interest of Tangkhul tribe subdues national interest”.

“For instance, Tangkhuls irrespective of professions both mere public and IK workers has dominated entire business establishments all over Nagaland, Tangkhuls have become first class contractors and registered by using fake identities (registered mostly in the name of Sumis) so as to befool Nagas and portray themselves as clean and sincere nationalists”, Kiyeshi alleged in his statement.

Disclosing that vast stretch of land from Wungram colony (Purana Bazar) till Toluvi Village, which was unoccupied till late 90’s had become “a palatial residential habitat of the Tangkhuls through forceful encroachment and forceful settlement using IK (NSCN-IM) banner as their source of exploitation being unleashed wantonly over the Nagas”.

It was also pointed out that hundreds of workers from other Naga tribes has been forcefully discharged, summarily executed, fined, properties and assets confiscated even for pettiest of reasons and mostly out of greed and jealousy, where as Tangkhuls are completely ‘immune’ from any such prosecution ‘despite glaring records of corruption, abuse of power, indiscipline and various anti-social and anti-national activities.’ “It is beyond comprehension and human reasoning as to why these Tangkhul elements should always remain out of bound of IK’s constitution or such regulation that binds co-workers from other Naga tribes”, Kiyeshe stated.