Gangrape is a national humiliation

The Rengma Youth Organisation, Dimapur-Karbi Anglong (RYODK) finds it most intolerable that a Naga woman was most brutally raped by 5 ‘Mians’ (illegal Bangladeshi immigrants) and this most humiliating and demonic act is the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Under no circumstances can the ‘Mias’ live amongst us anymore.  This gangrape is a national humiliation and the RYODK appeals to all our Naga brothers to chase out the ‘Mias’, staring from Dimapur, Niuland, Kohima and other districts of Nagaland. This incident should be an eye-opener especially to those who patronise these people. 

The RYODK appeals to the learned Prosecutors and Judges taking up the case that under no circumstances should the accused persons be let off on bail and that maximum punishment should be awarded. In the State’s long legal history spanning almost 50 years,  that there has been no known instances of criminals being awarded Capital Punishment has not been lost on the public and this is a huge testimony to the “quality of law students” the state is churning out. It is time for Judges and magistrates to prove their worth. Nagas will be watching their every move with anticipation.

The genesis of criminal activities by ‘Mian’ immigrants should be squarely blamed on Nagas. To put things in perspective, unlike Nagas, Caste Hindus would never stoop low as to have alliances or dalliances with illegal Muslim immigrants let alone enter into “unholy matrimony” with their “social unequals” but not so with unscrupulous and unprincipled Nagas who have been adopting ‘Mian’ children or even giving their daughters in marriage which is an abomination at best. RYODK calls upon all right minded Nagas to socially boycott such families, which means, that they cannot be invited to any social or religious gatherings. The Naga Hoho should pass an “azha” implementing the above.

For the sake of our future Naga generation, RYODK demands the immediate implementation of the following;-

1.    Nagas should not rent out their houses, whether residential or commercial to ‘Mians’. However, in the process, genuine Indian citizens like bihari muslims, Hindu Bengalis, etc should be distinguished and not victimised.

2.    Muslim Council of Dimapur should not be recognised by the district administration and NGOs under any circumstances unless their membership is purged of illegal Bangladeshi elements. 

3.    Dimapur should be declared as ILP zone by an Act of government.

4.    Legislation should be brought in where offsprings of Naga women marrying ‘Mians’ cannot inherit or buy landed property in Nagaland nor be conferred with tribal names.

5.    DMC should immediately cancel the trade as well as shop allotment licences of all the ‘Mians’ especially in Hazi Park and New Market. Also, incase, Hazi, after whom the park is named is found to be of Bangladeshi antecedent, the park should be renamed.

6.    The economic lifeline of ‘Mians’ should be cutoff. For instance, makeshift colony bazaars like the ones in Notun Bosti junction dominated by ‘Mians’ should be done away with immediately. GBs and DMC should not patronise these activities for the sake of easy money. 

7.    AYO should chase out all the ‘Mians’ from Kohima district as was done by AKM in Mokokchung. Just collecting identity card fees by local student/youth unions is another language for patronising.

(Tenyenilo Kent)    

(Aba Khing)