Given a choice, which among the following issue merits immediate attention?

Those who voted for Indo-Naga political issue had this to say:

•    Indo-Naga political issue merits immediate attention because 1) Indo-Naga political issue is not Economic problem nor problem of good governance, but Questions of Invasion, Occupation, Suppression, Oppression and Subjugation through policies of Neo-colonialism and Neo-imperialism; 2) It’s a Question of Regime act and Draconian Law or Human Rights.
Those who voted for Good governance had this to say:

•    Good governance is the ultimate though economic development cannot be ignored but by lessening corruption first only then development will take place. Indo-Naga issue is a complex one and hardly a quarter of younger are keen to learn.

•    Good Governance because they lack courage


•    All three requires immediate and simultaneous attention. They are NOT meant to be addressed in sequence or by choices. It is like asking ‘would you like to have your right arm or your left arm.’ I rather have both my arms.

•    They are all equally important. All of the three require immediate attention. Even if there is solution, good governance and economic development is a must. Good governance and economic development will not materialize unless the Indo-Naga issue is solved. They must all be given attention together.