‘Good Samaritan’ Thieves on the prowl

Imkong Walling
Dimapur | May 10

A doctor was looted of around Rs one lac thirty thousands in cash in broad daylight on Saturday at around 12:30 pm near NRL petrol pump, City Tower junction. As per the FIR filed by the complainant at west police station it was learned that along with the cash, the doctor’s mobile phone, bank pass and cheque books of Vijaya Bank and a LPG consumer card (6GA 4806) issued by Sato Gas Agency, Super Market was also robbed. 

When contacted,   the complainant related that on Saturday noon he had drawn Rs 1, 00,000 (one lac) approximately from Vijaya Bank. After drawing the cash, he proceeded to his car, parked near the NRL petrol station. He kept the bag containing the drawn money inside the car. Meanwhile, it was informed, he send his personal driver to a nearby shop to buy some things. During that time two strangers  on a motorbike came up to him telling him that some cash (10 and 5 Rupee notes) were strewn outside his car and inquired whether they were his. Thinking the notes might be his, the doctor got out to check. In that instant one of the motorcycle-borne miscreants grabbed his bag containing the drawn cash, wallet, mobile handset, bank books and a LPG consumer card and sped away towards Kher Mahal. It happened so quickly, he could not get the registration of the bike ridden by the miscreants, the doctor said. As to the appearance of the miscreants he said they might be ‘non-locals’. 

In a similar incident on Friday, May 8, one person was also reportedly robbed of about Rs one lac fifty thousands in cash inside the Evening Branch of the State Bank of India. According to police sources it was learned that the miscreants applied the same modus operandi in this instance also. The “victim” who could not be reached for comment was said to have gone to the SBI Evening Branch to deposit some cash amounting to about Rs 1,50,000 on Friday before noon. It was assumed that the victim had kept the cash wrapped in newspaper at one of the cash counters while he filled up draft forms to make the deposit. As he was doing so, a stranger from behind him enquired whether the cash (10 Rupee notes) lying on the floor were his. As he turned and bent down to check, the stranger unassumingly took off with the cash kept at one of the counters. 

It was supposed that it occurred when the bank was teeming with people. And the irony is all banks have armed security personnel manning entrances as well as the inside of banks.

The incident brings to light how vulnerable people and establishments of Dimapur are to anti-social elements. It is time high time all offices and business establishments especially banks install security cameras that keeps track of people. Moreover, denizens of the town are advised to be aware of such characters.