Google updates Assistant with new features for Pixel 7 series


Tech giant Google has announced that it is improving Assistant's artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, including new ways to interact more naturally with Assistant across Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel Watch.

The company said that with Assistant voice typing, users can easily talk to Google to type, edit and send messages on average 2.5x faster than typing on the keyboard, and now in more languages -- Spanish, Italian and French.

When users are writing a message, Assistant voice typing can now suggest emojis relevant to their messages. It lets them search for the emoji to insert with their voice even without knowing its exact name.

"At Made by Google, we shared some ways Google is creating a more delightful calling and texting experience on Android-powered devices and how Assistant's speech models are helping to make it even easier to communicate," Minni Shahi, Director, Product Management, Assistant.

Google said the new Call Screen helps users avoid unwanted calls and it has handled over 600 million calls for users last year.

On Pixel 7, users can now say "Silence" to dismiss incoming calls when they are not ready to pick up.

And soon, the Recorder app on Pixel 7 will include Speaker labels to differentiate and transcribe each speaker's words separately, allowing you to capture meeting and interview notes with ease, the company said.