‘Government should care for resources’

Dimapur, May 7 (MExN): The NSCN (IM) today said the state government should take responsibility over existent resources and utilize it as well as protect and preserve it. The outfit was referring to what it said is the ‘unabated illegal encroachment’ in Dimapur’s Padampukhri and surrounding areas.  

The NSCN (IM) in a note from its ‘MIP’ said its “joint council” met on May 6 and took serious view of unabated illegal encroachment in Padam Pukheri and its surrounding areas. “The council also feels that the state government should take on the responsibility and utilize the resources at its disposal to preserve and protect it from wanton destruction” state the ‘MIP’ note. 

According to the MIP, “the site” has ‘tremendous historical and cultural importance’ and its protection is of utmost priority. Seeking the cooperation from all concerned to protect and preserve ‘this site from destruction’, the note appealed against encroachment either for “residential or commercial purposes.” 

Then it added: “If the present trend of encroachment continues unchecked the NSCN will be left with no option but to take the full responsibilities for its protection whereby the state security agencies stationed in vicinity would be urged to make ways to us to carry on the task.”