DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 27 (MExN): The GPRN/NSCN and FGN, two of the three signatories of the Covenant of Reconciliation, jointly stated that it was “closely observing the activities of IM cadres in eastern Nagaland”. Stating that while Mr. Isak Chishi Swu and Th Muivah have been demanding sincerity from the Government of India, back home in Nagaland, despite being a signatory of the Covenant of Reconciliation, they have miserably failed to be sincere to their own people. “The ink on the documents they signed are still wet yet they are threatening to throw Nagaland into further turmoil. Naga people have the right to know why Mr. Muivah has ordered military offensive in eastern Nagaland under the command of Absolom Tangkhul”, stated a joint press note issued by MIP, GPRN/NSCN & Rali Wali, FGN.
The GPRN/NSCN and FGN also cited some of the important documents which the NSCN/GPRN had signed in presence of FNR while lamenting that today their action appears to be the very opposite to what they have pledged. Besides the Covenant of Reconciliation signed in the month of June 2009, the press note mentioned about the Chiangmai VI declaration issued on 23rd September 2009 signed by “Gen. V.S Atem of IM, Zhopra Vero of FGN and Wangtin Naga of GPRN/NSCN”, which stated: “To facilitate the summit at the highest level, at the earliest, in affirmation of the Covenant of Reconciliation. We reaffirm our total commitment to work together in the spirit of love, non-violence, peace and respect to resolve outstanding issues amongst us. Therefore, we pledge to cease all forms of offensive activities in toto”.
Further it informed that on 9th October, 2010, “Gen. V.S Atem of IM, Zhopra Vero of FGN, C Singson of GPRN/NSCN made a five point commitment”. As per this it was agreed that “a complete ‘status Quo’ by all groups be maintained”.
Likewise, “the activities and movements of the respective governments including cadres etc. should remain confined to their own and respective jurisdiction and territories” and that “in all cases of necessary movements which requires passages from each other’s territories, prior information should be given to each other for mutual understanding and maintaining peaceful atmosphere”.
The GPRN/NSCN and FGN termed as “very unfortunate” that the “MIP of IM dated 23rd Feb 2011, in contradiction to all agreed resolutions signed at different times, should justify sending heavily armed cadres to Khiamnungan region and eastern Nagaland”. “Unless the agreed principles are adhered to in letter and spirit, Naga history will bear witness as to who invited further bloodshed”, the joint press note stated.