GPRN/NSCN terminates four

DIMAPUR, APRIL 10 (MExN): The Commanding Officer of the GPRN/NSCN Council Camp, Lt. Col. Kiyehe Yepthomi has issued the discharge order of ‘corporal’ Lovejoy, bearing Naga Army No. 17783, son of Thamsui Lamkang from Ammamcht Region GPRN/NSCN, on account of prolonged ill health. The service rendered by him to the Naga Nation shall be cherished. He is wished well in all his endeavors. The discharge order comes into force on February 22.
 The 3rd Brigade Headquarter, Naga Army has issued the discharge orders of the following non-commissioned officers signed duly by ‘brig’ Samson Aye on March 29.
1.    ‘Sgt. Maj’ Rolex, bearing Naga Army No. 17061, son of Hotokhu, hailing from Mapulumi Village, Sumi Region.
2.    'Sgt. Maj’ Shitovi, Bearing Naga Army No. 17094, son of Zheniho, hailing from Khehoi Village UTI Region.
3.    ‘Sgt’ Khuvito, Bearing Naga Army No. 16212, son of Luzheche, hailing from Rotomi Village, Sumi Region.
The three NCO’s have been discharged from Naga Army for domestic problems. They have served the Naga Nation with pride and commitment. They are wished well in all their future endeavors, informed a press note from MIP, GPRN/NSCN.