GPS Mini Library: ‘A collective effort to create a brighter future’

Adora Kikon with students of GPS High School Area, Ward No. 1, Kohima. A Mini Library at the GPS was initiated by her to help students discover the joy of reading and empower them with knowledge. (Morung Photo)

Adora Kikon with students of GPS High School Area, Ward No. 1, Kohima. A Mini Library at the GPS was initiated by her to help students discover the joy of reading and empower them with knowledge. (Morung Photo)

Vishü Rita Krocha 
Kohima | June 29

17-year-old Adora Kikon, who is deeply passionate about giving back to the community and fostering positive change not just in the present, but also for the future of the state, today initiated a Mini Library at the Government Primary School, located in High School Area Kohima. The school has an enrolment of 296 students.

This motive had earlier led her to start a book donation drive across Kohima under the tagline 'Books for a cause', “gathering old and used books, from different individuals and schools to create a library and provide a space where the students can discover the joy of reading and immerse themselves in the captivating world of books.”

'Books for a cause’ 
“To me, this project and library goes beyond just a physical space filled with books; it represents a collective effort to create a brighter future,” she told The Morung Express. Altogether, 750 books were collected out of which 410 books are being used to create the Mini Library while the rest were given to the students. “By donating this small library I hope to invest in a small seed for the next generation, by empowering them with the knowledge and inspiring them to become the leaders and innovators that we need,” she said.

The books at the Mini Library range from young fiction and comics to education and biographies. Towards the fulfillment of a long cherished dream, she thanked her parents and everyone who contributed to the cause while also extending gratitude to the school and the teachers for opening their doors and allowing her to start the library.

Giving all glory to God, she further expressed, “may this small library be an opening to endless opportunities for the children, positively impacting their lives and shaping a brighter future for all.”

Books have power to transform lives 
Adora Kikon is a class 12 student of Kodaikanal International School, who firmly believes that “books have the power to transform lives.”

“I have always been a keen reader and growing up as a child, I was very fortunate to have access to books, be it at home or in school”, she related while stating belief that, “this environment and the hundreds of books I read, have positively impacted my life in numerous ways.” 

“I have learnt valuable life lessons, discovered my passions, and honed my own voice. Books have expanded my horizons, broadened my intellectual curiosity, and ignited a lifelong thirst for knowledge”, she further added.

Board Member, Pelhouvolie told the students that, “these books are yours” while terming it as “precious” and “our treasure.” He urged the students to make the best use of the library and to take care of it. He also requested the teachers to maintain proper records of issuing and return of books. He further exuded hope that through the library, the children will develop the habit of reading and that, they will acquire knowledge, which, he added, will be valuable for their future. 

Grandmother of Adora Kikon, Abeni TCK stated happiness that the children will grow up reading all these good books while recalling that, “when we were small, we didn't have such a facility.” This is really God's blessing, she stated and further expressed that, “I am so proud of her as a grandmother and I wish you all the best!”

Her other grandmother, Dr Kilemla said she was happy to see all the children with sparkling eyes while urging them to make use of the library, and “read good stories that will guide you in your life's journey.” To the teachers, she said, “I want you to love your school like your own home” and also exuded hope that it will grow with all their efforts.

Mother of Adora Kikon, Akumtila Kikon, who also said the benediction, expressed hope that they will continue to partner together even in the future while making special mention of the Board Member, who, she added, has encouraged them so much. 

“I hope this mini library will be a blessing to the students,” she further expressed.