Growth Trajectory

The inauguration of the Industrial Growth Centre and Export Promotion Industrial Park at Ganeshnagar is indeed a landmark in the history of Nagaland since attaining statehood. It is a venture that has the wherewithal to catapult the State into an era of industrial boon if the people choose to make the best use of this given opportunity. The fruition of Ganeshnagar is also a testimony that development itself by its very nature cannot be seen as an accomplishment of any single individual or political parties but rather should be seen as an ongoing process involving responsibility at each stage. Due credit should therefore be also given to the previous Congress regime under S.C Jamir for laying the foundation stone in the year 1998. 

On completion of this ambitious mini-industrial township, Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio has send out the right message loud and clear that industrialization is no more in the hands of the government and that it has to be the entrepreneurs who would have to take the initiative to set up the industries now. With the Look East Policy now making its foray into the region the local entrepreneurs, specially the unemployed youths must now come forward and make use of the doors opened for them. 

On its part, the State government should also guarantee that this infrastructure does not meet with the same fate of other similar initiatives (which failed miserably, became totally defunct and met premature death), in the past some of which are still lying bare without any productivity despite the enormous amount of money spend on them. 

It has to be understood that industrialization is the central force for most countries and a key growth objective for any economy to develop. Industries are also the precondition for agricultural development and it induces development in other sectors. It is learnt that a fruit processing unit already operates at Ganeshnagar. This should encourage horticulture farmers to grow and supply raw materials to the industry. It is a win-win situation for both the farmers and the industrialist. To be reliant only on agriculture does not make much economic sense and to do so would only impoverish local farmers. Setting up Industry (such as agro processing units) will benefit farmers to earn their livelihood besides providing employment opportunities. To become more self-reliant and increase economic growth, agriculture alone will not suffice. Rather along with industries, both must develop if at all the local economy is to grow. One hopes that the Ganeshnagar growth centre will enable the State to diversify its economic base and help raise the living standards of people. Besides, if Ganeshnagar is properly utilized, it will spur growth in the adjoining region and help ease the pressures on Dimapur as an urban centre.