Hard times come easy

Abemo Shitiri

“Don’t tell me this is a difficult problem, if it was not difficult, it wouldn’t be a problem.”

When I think of my childhood days, my life simply revolved around school, plays and friends. It was a carefree life exclusively adorned with fun and frolics; Tensions and worries were chapters yet to find its place in my book of priorities. Tomorrow was just another day and the future? Aha! It was just a blinking fancy that passes me by unaware at times. A sweet (orange mithai) or a few words of encouragement was enough to make my ‘DAY’.

That was the past but the present showcases a completely different scenario, since I have already realized that life can be a bed of roses and at the same time, the thorns are there to brick you and make you go aiyeee…..ouchh!!!. Each morning as I open my eyelids reluctantly, I make it a habit to mirror myself face-to-face with the stark reality and get ready to face the world of uncertainty. 

Every day, I come across many challenges queued up waiting for me to tackle them and make me go feeble at times. I profoundly refer them as ‘shackled problems.’ Some questions that strike my mind as I start getting ready for the day are “Am I capable and bold enough to face anything that comes my way today? Will I be able to fight the odds and end the day on a triumphant note?

It’s true that life can be frustrating as well as depressing at times but it’s all part of life, whether one likes it or not. In life, good and bad co-exists and as long as we are strong enough in our belief and approach towards life, no power on earth can bring us down (Remember, we are our own boss). A person who claims that he/she doesn’t have any problem(s) in life is a ‘LIAR’ in its ultimate term.

I have a friend who is a highly qualified educated unemployed but unfortunately, he is yet to land up with a decent job even though, in my opinion and observation, he’s a deserving and capable person/candidate who has appeared in many competitive exams but success has eluded him so far. He once confided to me that he was not appointed or selected for one particular job which he desperately wanted. He told me that he had very high expectations and that he would surely succeed in securing the said job since he felt that he performed better than most of the other candidates, but the outcome turned out to be just the opposite. There was discontentment written all over his face yet he somewhat drew enough courage and confessed to me that sooner or later, he would surely land up with a good job.

I started admiring him more for his ‘Never-say-die attitude’ when he quoted that “Sometimes life can treat you unkind but I do believe that there is always a light at the end of a tunnel.” He is one of the most dedicated, mature and honest person I’ve ever come across and I’m sure he’ll come up victorious one day in this day and age of ‘Dog-eat-Dog world’.

I can also recall an acquaintance of mine who unfortunately met with an accident last January, at a time when he was going through a financial crisis. He ended up in a hospital for 6 days for a fractured right thighbone and spent some hefty amount of money for his hospital expenses which he borrowed from friends and well-wishers. Adding salt to injury, his mother also fell seriously ill and had to be taken to Guwahati for medical treatment. Sometimes, life can treat us like that. A person like him needs a pat on the back for his approach to crisis such as the one he faced.

When we talk or discuss about problems, many of us just rue about it instead of trying to seek out solutions to overcome them. Many a time, we invite them ourselves (knowingly or unknowingly). For instance, I once met a guy with a black eye (left side). According to hearsay, he tried to intimidate two toughies near the Dhobinala Auto-stand after a drinking binge with some of his friends and the end result was that he was adorned with a crown full of ‘chirping birds and stars’ revolving and soaring around his head (you know what I mean. don’tcha?) He spent most of his days confined in his room and whenever he went out, he was kept busy answering to queries like “when, how, and where syndrome”.

Problems may arise out of nowhere and many of us take it lightly or simply ignore it. We just let it pile up and eventually land up at the receiving end, thereby getting ourselves trapped in our own web of negligence or innocence. The writing on the wall shamelessly proclaiming “WOE IS ME!!! There are times when we think that we have solved this or that problem, another new one crops up from out of nowhere and unless we are tactful in our approach, the consequences can be disheartening.

Life is full of ups and downs and whenever we are at the downside of life, we should be ready to face them boldly with open mind. Whatever may be the problem(s) and shortcomings that life bestows upon us, we should be ready to overcome them with enough zeal and willpower, only then my friends, we can surely get somewhere near to what Rudyard Kipling wrote in his poem ‘IF’- “…..yours is the earth and everything that’s in it, and – which is more – you’ll be a man, my son.”