Has Naga society become indifferent and selfish towards the future of their children?

Those who said YES had this to say:

•     Most parents still think that eating more salt is everything. Vision is limited and all they think of is...NOW, REVENGE, MONEY... I have never heard any elders saying... “In the next few years, we want our children to...” Instead, it’s Prohibition, bandhs, protests, threats... Do we have a future??? Sigh :(
•     Nagas are now egocentric and self-centered, thinking of nothing but themselves and their well being. Nagas are now too self-righteous, everyone thinks they are the only ones who are right. Nagas are now too indifferent and selfish to the future.
•    The Society has less concern, practically no steps are taken. What are not materialised. The fund goes the pockets of the few elite.
•    Naga society covers all Nagas irrespective of states and tribes. However a few influential leaders/people/national workers want the benefit of the present state for themselves and their tribe(s). This makes a substantial part of the Naga society indifferent and selfish against the general good of all the Nagas. 
•    Yes, definitely. The Naga society has become very selfish towards the future of their children. All they are concerned about is the present and they are only filling up their own pockets. Naga future is being destroyed by the present generation.
•    Nagas are now very individualistic and selfish. They only care about themselves now. Look at the massive corruption that is taking place. They are not thinking about the future, they are only thinking about themselves and the present, which are all very temporary.
•    They will want to own even Heaven if it is possible to have.
•    Yes, because the factional clashes r getting way out of hand and it is about time something’s done about it.
•    Yes, Naga society has selfish children because of VIPS.
•    There is no doubt that Nagas have become very self-centred and only think about themselves. The community way of life has been lost and the present generation is only concerned about their own future. They are destroying their children.
•    The corruption and violence in Nagaland shows how much the present generation thinks about the future generation.
•    Look how some Nagas buy few thousand acres of land, grab land, all because they want to flex their muscle power. One such individual has bought lots of land in Deyapur side, beyond Dhansaripar river, with corrupt money.

Those who said NO had this to say:

• Instead we ARE trying our best to get the best.
• No, because Nagas are building their own family kingdom at the expense of others.