Has the Hornbill Festival led to Nagaland becoming a tourism destination? Give Reasons

•    It has helped Nagaland to be on the global map
•    Yes definitely because we have a rich culture and diversity. But we also support ENPO and its abstinence from participation this year.
•    Hornbill festival has become the brand and with special emphasis given by State Government it has paid a great dividends to our local entrepreneur. Therefore, I must say it's an achievement for the Nagas.
•    All in one place. Travelling to and within Nagaland is otherwise quite tedious due to lack of infrastructure- bad roads, expensive taxis.
•    Absolutely must visit.

•    No. There is no proper policy in Nagaland to promote tourism. In the disguise of promoting tourism the power mongers are only promoting their own kin. Hornbill is like a private party for them.
•    Wastage of money
•    Not so...just that Govt is speaking really big about it.
•    Local people thinks that people are coming from outside dirty the place. Some local vendor sells deficient quality items like food items, goods example one balloon of Rs 5 sold at Rs 150, half cooked etc
•    No, the government policy is not right since their motive and intention is not for promoting the welfare of the people.
•    No, its a badly organized festival with little planning. To improve, the government should have a designated group of people who will develop a proper blue print and put this plan into motion. 
•    Hornbill is just a festival. It last 10 days only. Tourism is a different topic.
•    Instead of concentrating in one venue, the government should develop and promote all the places that have tourism scope. We should create ways for visitor to explore all the region/villages.
•    No!!! Apart from Hornbill there is nothing else unless they Tourist wants to experience really bad roads

•    Can we call it so? 7 tribes almost half of the population didn't participate and the reason is quite clear the question itself shouldn't be bothered