Hayithung Lotha appeals Eastern Nagas to reconsider poll abstention

Dimapur, April 17 (MExN): Hayithung Bill Lotha, Independent candidate for upcoming elections to the  18th Lok Sabha in the Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency, today appealed the  Eastern Naga brothers and sisters to reconsider their poll abstention decision and “vote for the sake of your future.” 

In a democratic set up every single vote is precious and gives people as individuals, control over their destinies, he said, adding that “power of ‘ballot’ is the ultimate voice in a democratic government.”

To this end, Hayithung maintained that when results are declared on June 4, the next National Government would be formed “with permutation & combination.”

“Herein lies the great opportunity for the Eastern Nagas. You must take a chance and ‘strategically vote’ in electing your very own Lok Sabha MP from Nagaland who shall extend his letter of support to whichever alliance formation reaching the magic figure of 272,” he maintained. 

He further pointed put that “every Eastern Naga must deeply and intelligently” realised that no voting means no Frontier Nagaland Territory (FNT), adding, “but if you vote – you secure Frontier Nagaland Territory.”

Hayithung also expressed his apprehension that the next incoming Union Government would brush aside and keep the FNT if they do not exercise their franchise. 

“But if you vote and show the power of your votes, it is understood that the next government will seriously take up the FNT issue to its logical conclusion,” he added.

He also maintained that the NDPP-led ruling People’s Democratic Alliance in Nagaland “is not sympathetic/positive at all towards the FNT" so as the Congress party, 

Both are not serious at all in granting the much desired ‘Frontier Nagaland Territory’ to the Eastern Nagas, he claimed, further asserting that he is only candidate who had publicly advocated for granting FNT. 

Accordingly, while urging the ENPO and all intellectuals of Eastern Nagaland to analyse and exercise the voting rights, Hayithung proposed himself as the candidate who would be their voice in the parliament.