Hearts of courage celebrates life

Longrangty Longchar
Dimapur | November 25 

As the pledge against drug abuse  from different organizations and individuals like “I may be slow but I will go on”  were displayed on the LCD projector, the rapt attention and the silence of the audience screamed out the message that a person can overcome  drug addiction.

The ‘Celebrating Life’ programme, jointly organized by CAD Foundation and Prodigal’s Home at the Imliyanger Memorial Center at Supply Colony here today, saw some inspiring stories of former drug addicts, who by sheer determination and help from NGOs decided to kick out the habit and resolved to spread the message against drug addiction.

Recovering drug addicts and parents of addicts as well recollected their long years of suffering, pain and anguish at the hands of their addict offspring or  at their miserable deaths.

Arenla Rongsen, while recollecting the pain she went through because of her addict son and his eventual death, said that her heart goes out for those parents with drug addicts in their homes. In a very emotional but dignified speech, she confessed that many a times she pleaded to God to take away her life. “Sometimes I had no desire to live”, she said. She advised the people that tolerance, endurance and trust in God was the only way to treat an addict and at the same time challenged drug users that with self-determination and trust in God, one can kick the habit. Arenla Rongsen also reminded that an addict and a recovering addict are two  different personalities and urged the people to treat the latter with appreciation and encouragement, so that they become responsible citizens again.

Courage was personified today when recovering addicts narrated their life stories of how they got into the habit and how their life was eventually destroyed by it. Most of the recovering addicts said that they got into the habit because of peer pressure and also out of curiosity, and many expressed regret at spoiling their lives. But one thing they shared in common: their happiness in finding the courage to give it up and all. the recovering addicts  appealed to others already in the snare to give it up, asserting that now  is  the right time to stop it.

Watila Longkumer, also a recovering addict, said that she was a good sportsperson and that she had also represented in the Asian Games sometime back in the past. Her life story, which she narrated, is one of regret about life being spoilt because of drugs; however, her words signified the courage of a hopeless soul who found the courage to go on with life. She appealed to the people to pray for her and urged other drug abusers to kick the habit and live a life without drugs.

The Director of Prodigals Home, Miss K. Ela, while delivering a speech on the concept of the theme ‘Celebrating Life’, said that many of the addicted young people were on the verge of losing their lives and their sanity. Still, with the help of their families, friends and the society, they have found the joy of living and thus celebrating the new found life. No wonder, she called the recovering addicts ‘heroes’ who were determined to stand up against all odds. The social worker also called upon the people to do away with negative attitude and asked the people to stop being judgmental.