How would you rate the current traffic management in Nagaland? Give Reasons

•    It has improved compared to how it was a few years ago. Citizens are also becoming more aware and civil minded about traffic rules.

•    Kohima traffic management has improved significantly but Dimapur is still far behind. Very undisciplined. Traffic police in Dimapur needs more training and experience and lots of commitment if they have to improve.
•    More than authorities, it is citizens need to follow the rules and being an outsider i am pretty happy to witness the discipline

•    Traffic management is poor because of the attitudinal issue of the citizens. Many citizens do not cooperate, or are rather ignorant of basic road etiquette. Else the traffic personnel seem to be making efforts. They are overworked and exhausted. Citizens need to realise that traffic management is their duty too.
•    Most of the traffic police men are after money.
•    The Traffic police duty must start from 5:00am and ends till 8 or 9 pm.
•    More signage is required showing on which lane to drive, from which side to overtake, lastly why are dumpers plying during 'No Entry' hours. They are the cause of all major accidents.
•    No, very poor. In Dimapur especially there is no continuity in the management of traffic. Every new DCP Traffic changes the timing for the entry and exit of trucks to Dimapur. There should be a consistent time frame. It should not change. Currently, the incoming traffic of trucks to Dimapur which starts at 3pm is not good decision. This is one of the reasons why traffic jams have increased during the afternoons in Dimapur.
•    Unfortunately very poor and unprofessional. A lot of training and disciplining of the traffic police personnel is required.
•    No discipline. Urge to cut lanes due to improper knowledge of traffic rules.
•    Lack of regulations, required to enforce different timing for inflow of traffic in town/city for school/college goer, office and business to reduce traffic Jam, plan for diversion of high way outside the city.
•    With the current accidents on rise traffic management is required to change or curb strict laws. So poor ATM
•    POOR because the traffic police are never doing their job well and the public are also never cooperative with the traffic police and their rules and regulations.

•    The main reason is lack of parking, people are parking their vehicles on both side of a two lane road, so what do we expect more, cannot blame the traffic officials alone. People have built big building but with no parking and are instead parking their vehicles on the side of the road.
•    Very much ultra supreme pro max poor
•    Can’t help it so many cars and so many turning points
•    Are you rating the system or your civic sense
•    Wrong parking especially turning areas.
•    The women traffic cops in Dimapur are smarter and use their common sense more than their male colleagues. The women traffic cops are able to handle pressure better, are more dedicated and sincere. Above all the women traffic cops are more capable and have a better sense of judgement while rotating the flow of traffic.
•    Good and better than some function.
•    Implement traffic light system in all the areas. And let the traffic police sit on the side and whoever defaults the light stop them and charge them with necessary action