Hunishe? Nagaland first social media + news app

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Dimapur | June 14

Hunishe?” the first social media app and decentralised news platform for Nagaland is all set to accommodate news sharing and publishing, while addressing the need for credibility, safety, and inclusivity in Nagaland’s online community.

“Hunishe?” is designed specifically for Nagaland and is founded by two childhood friends Kevichalhou Virie (John John) and Thejaselie Sorhie who shared a common vision of creating a community-based platform for Nagaland. 

The motivation behind developing this app stemmed from the urgent need to combat the Infodemic, characterized by the overwhelming spread of unverified and unreliable information. The app aims to provide a safe and toxic-free environment and the intention is to foster freedom of speech, uphold truth, and maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religion, or ideologies.

In an in-depth interview with The Morung Express, the “Hunishe?” team talks about the app, its features, rates and terms for users, and the future plans. 

What is Hunishe?

“Hunishe?” translates in English as “Have you heard?” or “Did you listen?” It is the news and social media app for Nagaland, “For all who call Nagaland Home.”

“Hunishe?” is the first social media + news app designed specifically for Nagaland. Our app aims to provide a comprehensive platform for editors, individuals and organisations to publish news and updates concerning local current affairs, places, and events in Nagaland. Additionally, it offers a space for members to engage with the shared content by commenting, thereby allowing them to voice their opinions and provide reviews.

Through our app, users can stay informed about the latest happenings in Nagaland, ranging from important news stories to updates about various locations and events. We encourage active participation from our members, enabling them to contribute their perspectives and engage in meaningful discussions surrounding the shared content.

Our mission is to foster a vibrant community where individuals can connect, share information, and express their thoughts on the news and events shaping Nagaland. By providing a platform that combines social media and news features, we strive to create an inclusive and interactive space for people to stay updated and engaged with their local community.

Who are the creators of Hunishe?

Kevichalhou Virie, also known as John John, brings his expertise as a Creative Director, Content Creator, Strategist, Analysts, and Editor. With previous experience at Codenatives California, USA (web & mobile app development, AI & CRM services). John John has extensive experience collaborating with diverse teams from various regions, including Hong Kong, Singapore, California, and Chennai.

Furthermore, his research on socio-economy, business, and education has been published in over 12+ countries across North America, Europe, and Asia, with a readership of over 150 million. Presently, he is working remotely as a Content Writer/Content Creator, Digital marketing and SEO Specialist for Author Assists, a company based in Delaware, USA.

Thejaselie Sorhie, Theja is a business enthusiast and software developer with a computer science background from IIT Kharagpur. Currently pursuing studies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at IIT Madras, Theja is driven by a passion for utilising technology to address real-world challenges with practical solutions. Theja started a tourism company called TrulyNaga, and a backpacker hostel “Mechüki” in Kohima under it.

With previous experience as an executive at AIESEC (The World’s largest youth organisation in the world), Theja gained international exposure, collaborating with individuals from over 100 countries and expanding expertise in marketing, human resources, and business development.

It is important to note that “Hunishe?” is the result of collaborative ideas and joint efforts by both founders, independent of their primary roles.

Why did you feel the need to create this app? 

“Hunishe?” was founded by two childhood friends who shared a common vision of creating a community-based platform for Nagaland. The motivation behind developing this app stemmed from the urgent need to combat the Infodemic, characterized by the overwhelming spread of unverified and unreliable information.

Our primary goal was to establish a platform that promotes credibility, enabling editors, publishers, journalists, and independent reporters to collaborate in disseminating trustworthy community-based news and information. We aimed to make this content readily accessible to everyone. Additionally, we sought to incorporate social reformers and Influencers who can publish media to inspire, guide, and bring about positive change in our society.

We recognized the absence of a reliable, secure, and equitable social media platform where individuals can freely express their opinions, even if they differ from others’ ideologies and beliefs. Thus, we felt compelled to create this app.

Moreover, we aimed to provide a safe and toxic-free environment, setting ourselves apart from typical Facebook groups that are susceptible to toxicity, tribalism, and political biases. Our intention is to foster freedom of speech and uphold truth, while maintaining a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religion, or ideologies.

What are some of its important features?

“Hunishe?” is primarily an app where users can find, comment and share news of our community.

Broadcast: We are establishing collaboration with local news editors, channels, reporters, and independent journalists who can now publish articles and reports that will appear directly on the homepage/feed of all our users. Stay informed with curated news and updates from trusted sources right at your fingertips.

Alerts: Public bodies can now send emergency alert notifications to all users with just a simple push of a button. Receive critical information and stay prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

Events: Organizers can utilize our platform to publish and promote events, share schedules, facilitate discussions with attendees, and utilize our secure payment systems powered by Razorpay. Generate and sell tickets with unique numbers and QR codes, making event management seamless for both organizers and participants.

Places: Explore a wide range of interesting locations, including newly opened coffee shops, established clothing stores, and popular hangout spots, all listed on our platform. Share your reviews, receive the latest updates, and discover exciting places in your area.

Morung: Morung is a dynamic group-based social media forum designed to encourage members to engage in thoughtful discussions on matters of both interest and importance. Our primary goal is to foster the development of a vibrant and healthy community where individuals can come together and contribute to meaningful conversations. By actively participating in Morung, we can collectively build a strong and supportive community that values open dialogue and mutual respect.

Dukan: We are currently working on an exciting feature called “Dukan,” which will offer a selection of practical products and items unique to Nagaland, catering to the needs of its citizens. Our in-app payment system, securely managed by Razorpay, provides a convenient way to make seamless transactions using UPI technology, ensuring a smooth shopping experience within the app.

Podcasts & Radio: For our podcast and radio show, our primary objective is to cultivate a culture of active listening within our community. We strongly believe in the significance of listening and have noticed a concerning trend where individuals are increasingly focused on expressing their own opinions and feelings, rather than engaging in meaningful listening. We are actively seeking partnerships with influencers, local artists, and content creators to provide a comprehensive on-demand audio streaming experience within our application. This includes offering a wide range of music and podcasts, all conveniently accessible to our users. Join us in shaping a platform that showcases your talent and engages our growing community of listeners!

Messaging: Our app also serves as a secure messaging platform, enabling individuals and businesses to communicate privately without the need to exchange personal contact details. Connect and engage with others seamlessly, while maintaining your privacy and control. Experience the convenience of direct messaging within our app today!

How will the app operate?

What sets us apart from other social media apps is our exclusive membership-model. While a version of our application will always be free to use for all, to read news and updates, we will offer a paid and verified exclusive membership program for people who will get additional benefits such as the ability to comment their opinion on posts, communicate with one another through our integrated messaging feature, join groups for a more interactive experience, register for events, and a host of other customized benefits.

The perhaps controversial decision to restrict access and require membership for full access is rooted in our belief that this approach serves the best interests of our community and to minimise online spam and toxicity, which we believe were not a part of traditional Naga culture and identity and should not be a part of our modern culture either. By maintaining this policy, we can effectively cultivate an environment that prioritizes the well-being and satisfaction of our members, and make their interactions, be it business or personal, more wholesome. 

What are the fees, rates, and terms for users?

The core features of our app will be available to our users free of charge. However, to ensure the app’s continued operation and development, we will display relevant advertisements to generate revenue. Certain important features will be locked behind a membership programme for a small fee of 99 rupees only. 

In addition to advertising, we have included a donation section for individuals who appreciate our product and wish to financially support the app.

Furthermore, when users make purchases of in-app products and services, a portion of the proceeds will be allocated to the app’s sustainability and maintenance.

What’s next?

We are in the final stages of the app development, adding the final touches to ensure the best user experience. 

Stay updated with the latest developments by following us on Instagram @hunisheclub. Additionally, visit to join our waitlist and secure your spot as one of our first esteemed members when we launch!
Join us and become part of our vibrant community!

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Together, let’s create a flourishing and supportive community!

The future plan

We are also testing, developing, and improving new features like podcasts, events, online store, and more. The thought behind our decisions is always whether or not it will be useful and healthy for our users. So, these features are subject to change

The ultimate objective is to develop an “All-in-One Application” outside of Hunishe? that enables users to perform all necessary online activities in Nagaland through a singular platform.